7 Australian Swimwear Brands to Watch

Australia is the holiday destination of choice for people all around the world, and Australia knows it. In the last few years, Australian fashion, tourism and culture have exploded, and with it, the economy. New designers are emerging in the fashion industry and showcasing their talents in swimwear, which surpass designs made even by the […]

Exclusive Interview With TRIANGL Swimwear

I got the chance to catch up with Triangl, the premium swimwear brand, to see what inspired them to start the company, what designs they love and more! I think their bikinis are gorgeous as I love the use of colour and lines that they use on the neoprene, not to mention everyone from celebs […]

American Apparel – Watercolor Flamingo

A Tropical Touch is the slogan for the new Watercolor Flamingo collection from American Apparel. The brand has featured a small look book/campaign with flamingo and tropical prints over the their new swimwear styles. This also includes a cover up maxi length skirt, some shorts, a skater dress and a tank top. The print looks […]