Canvas Bags and Backpacks – The New Casual-Smart for Men

Coco Chanel once used to say that luxury means comfort first of all. While we can totally see her point, the truth is that for a long time, men’s fashion didn’t keep up with that so much. Somehow, men had to always be dressed up in order to appear elegant, and anything more in the […]

Men’s Outfit Ideas For Christmas Parties

When it comes to parties there are so many options for girls, from the little black dress and leather skirts, to embellished tops and structured shorts. But I always think men’s choices seem a little limiting. So here are some ideas to create interesting party looks for men using key pieces that can be dressed […]

Styling 2 Men’s Tailored & Stylish Outfits

There’s one thing that I’ve often wondered and that’s if I was a guy, how would I dress? I generally love colour and bold prints anyway, so I have always thought that I would love to dress in a really stylish, posh, tailored way with some quirk to it. Think bow ties, printed shirts, cuffed […]