Julian Hakes Designs Swarovski Embellished Mojito Sandals

British architect and designer Julian Hakes has released a new collection of Mojito styles in collaboration with Swarovski for Spring/Summer 2015. I was really excited about this as I am both fans of Swarovski and Julian Hakes! As you probably already know, Julian Hakes’ Mojito sandals are a combination of architectural and fashion design, unique […]

Julian Hakes Designs The Black Widow Shoe For Captain America 2

Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie has inspired Julian Hakes to create ‘The Black Widow’ shoe. Much like he came up with the Pepper Potts shoe for Iron Man 3, Julian seems to be an Avengers fan and loves to create shoes inspired by the female characters. Unlike Pepper Potts though, this shoe is […]

New Julian Hakes Metallic Mojito Shoes

Always pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new colour ways, materials and 3D effects, Julian Hakes has created a collection of iconic metallic Mojito sandals perfectly on trend with spring/summer. The Mojito is a unique shoe design. It is a single wrapped geometry which starts under the ball of the foot, sweeps over the bridge, […]

Julian Hakes Designs Iron Man 3 ‘Pepper Potts’ Inspired Shoes

Julian Hakes has designed a unique pair of shoes inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in Marvel’s Iron Man 3! Julian applied his futuristic and innovative approach to shoe design with the following question in mind – If Tony Stark himself were to design a pair of shoes for Pepper Potts, what would they look like? […]