5 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat

Every girl loves curls but not all of us know how to create them. Loose, voluminous, kinky, deep, water, coily curls and so on; there are so many types of curly hairstyles that are suitable either for your next date dinner, wedding or some other formal or usual event. They are easy to make and […]

5 Favourite Autumn Hairstyles

My name is Lena, I’m a beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger. Today I am writing a blog post for you, about my five favourite hairstyles I like to wear during Autumn. I have dark brown, pretty long and curly hair, but there’s a few hairstyles I’ll include into this post that are wearable for those […]

Liven Up Your Winter Hairstyle With Glitter

Fashion blog news alert! There’s a new beauty trend hitting the scene to liven up your dull, Winter look, it’s glitter! Not only have people been applying the sparkly shards to their faces and eyes to bring a bit of glamour to their look, but Fallon Carberry, from the Scottish salon #BLOW, has stated that […]