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Hi! I’m Lorna, the owner and founder of The Fashion Supernova as well as the main writer. I started this blog back in July 2012 as a place to share all things fashion with you. As you probably know by now, I also have my own personal style and life blog, Raindrops of Sapphire, and I’m the editor of the top online denim blog as well, so blogging is definitely my passion! I’m 27, from the countryside of England and have enjoyed fashion nearly all my life. Thank you for reading The Fashion Supernova and I hope that you enjoy it!


Hi I’m Adam, I will be covering men’s fashion here at The Fashion Supernova. I’ve had an interest in fashion for as long as I can remember, especially denim, shoes and watches. I will mainly be covering a selection of men’s high tops and other shoes, but I will also write other articles related to general fashion and accessories as well. I hope you enjoy reading the men’s section of The Fashion Supernova! Thanks for reading!


Hi, I’m Ali. I’m the beauty writer here at The Fashion Supernova. I cover skincare and make-up reviews, articles on the latest beauty essentials and treatments as well as tips and tricks for taking care of your skin as you age. I’m in my late 40’s and have always had a passion for beauty treatments and make-up, developing a large collection of products.


Hi, I’m Kacey. I’m a lifestyle blogger for “The Drifter Collective” and a degree graduate in Communications which I got while working for a lifestyle magazine. Throughout my life, I have found excitement in the world. I have been able to fully embrace myself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations, cultures, and styles, while communicating these endeavors through my passion for writing and expression. My love for the world around me is portrayed through my visually pleasing, culturally embracing and inspiring posts.


  1. Dear Lorna and Adam. Thank you for following me on twitter. I have great fashion products to promote, suitable for both men and women. Where can I send press releases and lookbook? Many thanks, Caroline (voila communications, @carolinesulzer).

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