6 Relaxing Picnic In The Park Summer Essentials

Image via CNTraveller The Summer is coming up and it means it’s time to do the exciting and relaxing things that we love, a picnic in the park being one of them. For us fashionable people out there, we will have a lot of things we need to take with us to make sure our […]

7 Stylish Summer Road Trip Essentials

7 Summer Road Trip Essentials to Take You Cross-Country in Style Leaving your home behind to embark on an epic cross-country trip means you can’t take all of the comforts of home with you. You’ll only have limited space in your car, and if other people are going with you, you will have to make […]

7 Luxurious Travel Destinations For Fashionistas Guide

7 Fashionable Travel Destinations + What To Do While There A fashionista’s vacation is about more than just a break from the every day — it’s about being on the pulse of what’s trendy. And, just as fashion goes in and out of style, so, too, do the hot cities and countries that draw and inspire […]

How to Add the Perfect Amount of Spring Fling to Your Home & Style

You’ve spent months bundling up to face freezing temperatures so, when the snow finally starts to melt, it’s a call for celebration. One way to do so is to warm up the inside of your home as the same thing happens outside. Springtime decor might conjure images of overly floral schemes in old-school pastel colors, […]

How To Relax Before Christmas Day

How To Relax Before Christmas Day You’ve done all your Christmas shopping and endured about as much stress as you can handle while out shopping for last minute gifts and food. You’ve finally finished getting everything on your list and you’re wondering how Christmas Day will actually go, worried about things going wrong. What do […]

How to Style Your Home According to Your Fashion Sense

Your home is a reflection of yourself. Until your house looks and feels like you, it tends to lack that something special that really makes it home. Find your style, and let it lead you to making your home feel like home. Modern If you’re a chic fashionista, you already know it. Runway looks and […]

7 Australian Swimwear Brands to Watch

Australia is the holiday destination of choice for people all around the world, and Australia knows it. In the last few years, Australian fashion, tourism and culture have exploded, and with it, the economy. New designers are emerging in the fashion industry and showcasing their talents in swimwear, which surpass designs made even by the […]

Flower Crown Festival Inspiration

Flower crowns are one of the ultimate go to accessories for Summer, especially when it comes to festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury. Everyone loves to sport some bright colours, so why not do it with flowers in your hair? It’s a great way of really livening up your look and making your outfits just that […]

Shopping On A Budget & Making The Most Of It

Shopping on a budget can be really hard, especially for those of us who might have expensive taste and love to follow the current fashion trends (hello fashion blog owners!). Saving up money or finding some spare in your monthly budget is a task on its own, but I thought I would share some tips […]

Tips For Starting A Fashion Blog On WordPress

Starting up and maintaining a fashion blog is something that I have a lot of experience with. I personally own three different fashion blogs on WordPress and I’ve been the editor and manager of one very big blog for over 7 years. My oldest blog that I own, Raindrops of Sapphire, is 4.5 years old, […]

Which Boyfriend Type Do You Prefer?

You may have already seen this study, which I think is really cool, but it’s definitely worth sharing as I found it fascinating. Hen Heaven and Cosmopolitan teamed up to carry out an experiment on a dating app named Tinder. They took the 5 main male stereotypes that stand out above all others in this […]

Victoria Beckham in a Victoria Beckham Creation

Victoria Beckham posed for photos with her husband David Beckham on the red carpet of the British Fashion Awards 2014 at the London Coliseum last night. Victoria won the award for Brand of the Year and she couldn’t have been more elated. For the night, she wore one of her own creations, choosing a white […]

The Perfect Wedding Outfit

Almost every woman dreams of their wedding day at some point in their life, whether you were like me and used to think about it when you were younger, imagining marrying a prince so you could be a princess (hello Prince Harry), or actually being realistic and wanting to marry your love, it’s something always […]

New Autumn Boots from DUO

If I had my way I would have every pair of boots from DUO, the comfort is outstanding, the fit is always perfect and the styles I absolutely adore. But as I cannot possibly have every pair, I will settle for the ones I am going to write about here on this fashion blog. Since […]

Joolz Reusable Cardboard Packaging

Environmentally conscious buggy brand Joolz, has come up with a really fun and inventive idea to save packaging! Joolz is an established pushchairs brand sold in more than 20 countries worldwide and the only ergonomic pushchair available on the market which is designed around the human body, that of the parent and of the child. […]