A Short Guide To Choosing The Right Leather Jacket


Leather jackets – a must have in your wardrobe

A leather jacket is an item of clothing that almost everyone has had in their wardrobe. The reason why the leather jacket is so popular and widespread is its everlasting style, in addition to its great versatility. Leather jackets, indeed, can be made of different types of leather, come in different models and can match both an elegant and a casual or sporty look. Depending on your style, taste, and on the occasion you want to wear it, you can choose the jacket that best meets your needs. Here is a short guide to help you choose the best jacket for you!

Choosing the model: rock, casual or elegant?

First of all, choose the right model. The best-known model is perhaps the classic biker jacket, which has been worn by iconic actors and musicians like James Dean or The Ramones. This is a very widespread item, that has been worn for decades by both men and women, making it a classic. You should choose this special model if you want to gain an aggressive and rock style, while you should avoid it if you usually wear classic to elegant items of clothing.

If you want a jacket for daily use and you have a casual style, go for the classic bomber model. Black or brown, this model can also be lined with wool, making it perfect also in winter.

These types of jackets, as well as the biker model, might not be good for a more elegant and posh style. It is true that in some cases matching different styles can result in original and beautiful outfits, but in general if you want to wear a leather jacket with an elegant dress, the best solution can be a short and light jacket, very close-fitting and well-tailored. In this case you can also choose a different colour instead of black and brown, to find the best shade for what you are wearing.


Choosing the type of leather: bovine leather or goat leather hides?

When it comes to leather jackets, the type of model is not the only variable: you can choose the jacket that you prefer depending also on the type of leather. There is not only one type of hide used in the manufacture of leather jackets and each type of hide has different peculiarities. If you are looking for a resistant and durable item the bovine leather, or steerhide, is the perfect choice for you. No wonder that this type of leather is used, for example, for the manufacturing of protective jackets used by motorcyclists. This type of leather is certainly very resistant, but sometimes you might find that it is hard to wear. If you prefer something more comfortable, though less resistant, you can opt for calfskin, more pliable and less hard-wearing.

Also goat leather hides are very pliable, and they also have the peculiarity of being a great water repellent. If you want something even lighter, the best choice for you could be sheepskin, but the lightest and softest material is certainly lambskin. For this reason it is used also in high fashion and it is perfect if your priority is not wearing a high resistant, but a fashionable and elegant jacket.

Choose the best fit

Last but not least, for a leather jacket to be perfect you need to pay attention to the way it fits your body. When it’s too large, you risk looking like a robot, while a very tight jacket makes you feel very uncomfortable and makes it difficult for you to move. So, how do you choose the jacket that best fits your body? In general, keep in mind that the jacket should come down to waist in length, and when you try a leather jacket consider that you might wear a shirt or a sweatshirt under it, so you need to have enough space to do that. And if you want your jacket to make the most of yourself, consider that a jacket with an elastic waistband is good if you are thin, while if you are a bit sturdy you should keep away from the models that are too tight and underline your curves too much.


So, a leather jacket is something everyone can wear on very different occasions. You only need to choose the model, hide and fit that best meets your needs to have a perfect look!

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