Men’s Inspirational & Stylish Festival Season Looks

It might seem odd to consider the fashion of an event that comes closer to a Portaloo than a runway. Yet surprisingly, the height of fashion during the festival season doesn’t have to be just mud. A nice shirt, a few cool accessories and the ever important brolly can make a world of difference to your festival experience.

There are a myriad of choices, so what are the essential fashion statements in large men’s clothing this festival season?


Beautiful teens at summer festival

It may rain, it may pour, but you need a cool pair of shades even without any sun to block. Most of the festival will be spent outside, hopefully under the beating sun, so shades are essential for making sure you don’t miss a thing. Better yet, if you have a late night partying these are the perfect accessory for covering up the dark circles under your eyes!

Floral Shirt

Floral Shirt

Once only worn by your dad on holiday, the floral shirt is making waves in men’s fashion in 2016. A floral shirt can be the strong statement you need to make in a festival environment. But beware; you should avoid the novelty styles. A more sophisticated pattern, a darker colour scheme and a revere collar are preferable as it has walked straight off the catwalk and into the high street. Now you can walk it into a festival.



Jeans at a festival are not a practical choice; they are hot, heavy when wet (thanks, rain), and not a comfortable material to spend hours in when battling crowds. A striking pair of blue or beige shorts will go with nearly everything. Bonus points: they’ll keep you feeling cool in the midst of a humid crowd.



This one almost goes without saying. People arrive to festivals and sometimes the rain arrives with them – at this point, a festival in Britain without rain seems almost a foreign concept. So a raincoat can be your saving grace in such conditions. You need one that will keep you dry and dancing the night away, and something that can be packed in a tight space in your case. Splurge a little and purchase a premier coat which will protect you come what may; you’ll thank yourself in the midst of a downpour.

Practical Necessities

Of course, you shouldn’t forget the essentials when packing your bags. There are some things other than a stylish look that you will be lost without at a festival, including:

  • Toilet paper. Always.
  • Wellies to keep your toes dry.
  • Baby wipes are a life saver in a festival environment. No shower, no problem!
  • Cash – avoid the long queues for the single ATM on site.
  • Extra everything. You will always need more than you take.

The fashion at festivals can be as diverse as the people and music playing there, but there are some staples that you just can’t get wrong.

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