Five Ways to Start The Day in a Healthier Way

Many of us are guilty of starting our day in a less than ideal way. Admit it – how many of you hit the snooze button a couple of times before getting out of bed? Who left clothes and things strewn all over the place and had a mad dash out the door? Who ran out the door in a flap without even eating any breakfast?

If you recognise yourself in any of the above then you are not alone. However, things do not need to be like that. No matter how many balls you are juggling in the air, job, kids, pets, chores – it is still possible for you to start the day in a healthier way. Here are some of the things you can do to make sure you start your day right:

When you wake up, wake up!

When you wake up, wake up!

No matter how tired you are and how little sleep you have had, I guarantee that you will feel better if you do not prolong the agony of getting up. As soon as you wake up, wake up properly. Leap out of bed and get going, rather than snoozing. Sit up, stand up, do some quick stretches. Waking up properly right away will take away the groggy feeling of trying to cling on to sleep and help you start your day feeling energised instead of sluggish.

Get some fresh morning air

get some fresh air

If it is a nice sunny day, consider getting some fresh morning air and exposing your skin to the sun. Physically and psychologically, you will see the benefit. Sit and have a drink in your garden, play with the kids for a few minutes before they head off to school, linger as you walk to your car or head for the bus or train. Getting even a few moments of fresh air and sunshine in the morning can make you feel better for the whole day.

Eat a good breakfast

eat a good breakfast

Even if you do not feel hungry in the morning, you should always be sure to take the time, alone or with your family, to have a good breakfast. Eating a good breakfast will boost your mood, ensure good health and keep you fueled up for all the challenges of the day to come.

Time Some ‘Ommm’ Time

some me time

Still moments can be hard to come by in the fast-paced modern world. But rather than looking at screens or obsessing about the tasks of the day to come, you could spend a few moments each morning simply breathing. Meditation should be built into everybody’s morning routine, no matter how busy they are. Don’t have the time? Simply get up a few moments earlier and change your priorities and you will be surprised by how much time you actually do have.

Time Trim Your Morning Regime

Time Trim Your Morning Regime

Still think you do not have time? There are plenty of ways to reclaim time by trimming your morning regime. Ask yourself whether you are putting pressure on yourself unnecessarily. Do you really need to spend all that time choosing your outfit? Lay one out the night before. Do you need to wear all that makeup? Consider giving up makeup or at least streamlining your beauty regime to let your natural beauty shine through.

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