How To Keep Your Skin Fresh This Summer


Looking good and fresh is every woman’s dream. Whether it is winter or summer, every season has its own consequences that affect your skin all around. It is you who has to take a lot of care for your skin and should stay focused on what to use and how to use it in order to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Summers are usually dry and sometimes humid. Keeping your skin fresh in such an adverse weather is not a piece of cake, it requires a lot of effort to sustain the freshness of your skin.

As summer has finally arrived in full swing and bashing heat, you have to revamp your entire necessary skin regime. Just because of those longer sunshine hours, humidity, heat and pollution, your skin can face many problems such as clogged pores, blackheads, acne, shine and redness. Keeping all this in mind, we have gathered a list of our most helpful tips to keep your skin healthy and fresh for longer in the summer.

Exfoliate Your Skin Every 5 Days:

Exfoliating your skin is the most beautiful phase just to pamper it from the inside and get rid of all the impurities. This process minimizes pores, removes dead skin and reduces shine. The best exfoliating products could be based on fruit enzymes or some acid base mini peels. After exfoliating follow your skin routine with a good moisturizer just to protect it and rebuild the barriers. The best time to exfoliate your skin is at night because you don’t want to be exposed to UV rays right after. You have to take care with a post exfoliating regime and try not to expose it to harsh toners or fluids. If your skin is sensitive and prone to any type of redness, try to exfoliate your skin every 8 days and try to use a soft and gentle exfoliating face wash. Try to avoid this process though if you have broken or unhealed skin.

Apply SPF Every 2-4 Hours:

Protecting your skin from harsh UV rays is the most important fact to keep your skin happy and glowing in summer. These harmful rays of two types UVA and UVB, both have some very bad effects on the skin when exposed to it. 80% of aging on the skin comes from these UV rays that spoil your skin internally. It is always recommended to use a fluid based sunscreen. It is the consistency of fluid that matters and the SPF rate. Don’t try to over saturate your skin with a lot of liquid as it may create extra oil on your skin and can result in blocked pores and acne. Get a sunscreen that has more water and good SPF such as 30 or 50, depending upon the amount of exposure you get daily.


Moisturize Your Skin:

Moisturizing can be one great trick to keep your skin fresh in hot summers. Sometimes due to dry weather your skin becomes patchy and dry. To overcome this problem you have to moisturize your skin regularly. Always be careful when choosing a moisturizer, keep in mind the type of skin you have and the weather going on. Get some light oil creams so that after applying them your skin feels supple and smooth. Spend some time massaging it into your skin for few minutes until it is absorbed. This will also increase the blood flow and will rejuvenate the skin cells. You can simply use some coconut oil as a moisturizer, as there are countless benefits of coconut oil on the skin.

Use A Foaming Cleanser:

Oil based cleansers when emulsified with water will never effectively remove dirt from your skin just because a foam will not be properly created. With peaks of pollution, excess sweat and more time in the sun, it is very important to cleanse your skin properly on a daily basis. Use your hands when applying the foam cleanser and massage lightly, then wash your skin with luke warm water, pat your skin dry and apply a light moisturizer.

Drink More Water And Eat Fresh:

The best way to keep glowing and fresh is by drinking lots of water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Help yourself to a neat and clean diet which is based on fresh ingredients and less fat. The more you eat fat, the more you will get prone to breakouts and acne. Just because fat produces more oil in the glands under the skin and will leave it dark and oily. Your daily routine should be drinking 8 glasses of clean water and sometimes more than that. As water is the best antioxidant and will cleanse your inner body and skin, it can help you remove all sorts of impurities out of your body, leaving your skin happy and healthy.

Make A Refreshing Cool Spray:

To keep your skin cooler during a hot summer, we recommend that you use some nice cooling sprays. These sprays are easily available in the store and can be made at home using some fresh products. You can possibly get rid of acne (depending why you have it), redness and enlarged pores by applying this spray daily. All you need to do is dilute 1 part of tea tree oil with 8 parts of fresh water and store it in a small spray bottle. You can keep it in the fridge for better results and dual freshness. Whenever you feel hot take it out of the fridge and use it directly on your skin. These sprays will keep you hydrated and will hopefully keep the acne away. If you have minimal access to a fridge you can also keep them in thermal pouches. You can also use another trick where you can soak a hand towel in this solution, wrap it in cling film and keep it in the fridge. Whenever you feel the need, take it out and clean your face and skin.

Stay Happy:

And the very last thing for fresh glowing skin is to stay smiling and happy. The more you feel good inside, the better it will appear on your face. Sometimes because of extreme stress skin problems occur such as acne, eczema or flare ups. The stress hormones badly affect the skin making it dull and dry. The best way to overcome this problem is to help kill stress and keep yourself busy in something fruitful. The better you perform in life, the better it will show through your skin. Keep your perspectives right and ambitions straight. Make reasons to smile and you will see yourself glowing throughout the year.

Follow these beautiful tips to overcome your skin problems and help create a much better looking, glowing complexion in such hot and humid summers. Never forget to keep blotting papers too as these help to suck any excess oil out of your skin. Stay happy and smiling.


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