8 Secrets You Need to Know to Appear Younger

There is a lot more to your age than just how long you’ve been walking the Earth. Researchers from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis have discovered that there are indeed several factors that come into play when determining ones age, as well as how rapidly the effects of aging set in on an individual. Here are a few tips that are sure to keep you looking youthful and full of life.


1) Don’t go crazy with the foundation

Andrea Robinson, the former head of beauty for Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford and the author of “Toss the Gloss: Beauty Tips and Tricks for Women 50+” says, “Heavy foundation tends to settle in rough patches or into the lines of the face. What is needed as we age is a good transparent moisturizing foundation or tinted moisturizer. Avoid anything with a powder base.” It can also be a very good idea to use a primer beforehand. A primer will help you apply your foundation smoothly, and fill in lines and pores. It will also help you minimize dark circles and make your makeup last longer.

2) Use the best skin care products for your skin type

There is an overwhelmingly large amount of skin care products on the market today, so it is very important you find one that it is made to work with your specific type of skin. Additionally, there are 3 essential qualities to a skin product that you should look for. Firstly, check to see if it contains powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C on the label. This will help keep your skin bright and luminous. Secondly, you can find products with retinoids, which serve to stimulate collagen regrowth. Finally, begin using a product with an alpha hydroxy acid in it to aid with exfoliating and removing the dead layers of skin cells.

3) Wear SPF every day (no, really)

One of the most common misconceptions about sun tan lotion is that it is only for the beach. Exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays is one of the largest contributors to skin damage, which makes you vulnerable to skin cancer. Be sure to add a good sun tan lotion to your daily routine, but don’t worry about going overboard with the SPF. Anything above 50 has not been proven to add any extra layer of protection for your skin. To make it even easier, many foundations now have SPF built directly into them, streamlining your morning routine!


4) Fake it till you make it with a tanning lotion

While limiting your exposure to the sun is always a good idea, that doesn’t mean that tanning is completely off the table. As you get older, a healthy glow to your skin will make you look healthy and alive. Gradually applying tanning lotion will prevent buildups, blotchiness, and streaking. You can even use a cream blush to brighten up your complexion.

5) Steer clear of the glitter

Bright, attention-grabbing eye shadow that includes glitter tends to make wrinkles and other facial blemishes more pronounced, giving you an older, tired appearance. These types of products don’t flatter your visage, and won’t look attractive on lids and skin that are just starting to show lines or rough patches. The most youthful looking eye shadow is dark shades mixed with lighter neutrals. Typically, a pencil liner will be a better choice than a liquid liner, seeing as the liquid option tends to pronounce these trouble spots as well.

6) Practice good neck hygiene

While it is an area of the body many do not usually focus on when it comes to aging, the neck is a very pronounced part of your body, and unfortunately, one of the first to show signs of wear and tear as we go through life. The neck loses elasticity faster than any other part of your body as you age. Because the neck is so delicate, you need to be just as diligent about taking care of it as you are your face.

7) Pick the right brow shape

Eyebrow shaping has always been a youthful, popular practice, but nowadays it is more prolific and affordable than ever. While you can try your hand with tweezers, it is usually best to visit a professional to get this type of service done. The results can really pay off. By slightly arching the brows and shaping them up towards the temples, you can reduce the appearance of droopy eyes. Your eyebrow arch is one of the most important aspects of your brow, and it should always have a gentle and gradual lift.


8) Don’t forget about your hands

Another often overlooked area, your hands can play a large role in your facial health. No other part of our body comes in contact with our face more than our hands, and because of this it is essential to keep them properly moisturized and sanitary at all times. The skin on your hands has a protective lipid barrier, which protects it from infection, dryness, and irritation. Hot water and chemicals, including soap, strip this lipid barrier away. So, it’s important to always keep your hands moisturized. If you have especially dry hands, applying a layer of lotion and then putting on gloves before you go to sleep will help lock in additional moisture.

These are all well and good, but the real secret to youth is a combination of great nutrition, an active lifestyle, and a healthy mindset. All the products in the world won’t be able to make up for an unhealthy lifestyle, and while aging is a natural part of life, it is our natural desire to look our best throughout our lives. Using a combination of responsible hygiene and preventative measures, you can ensure that your skin looks it’s best, day in and day out.




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