Summer 2016 Jewelry Trends – What Are We Seeing


As soon as spring breezes and flowers give way to summer heat, your wardrobe will take a slight shift, too. Tees give way to tanks, and gaucho pants give way to shorts. Even jewelry gets sleeker during the summer months. Don’t let heavy baubles weigh you down when warm weather hits. Instead, add a simple piece to accentuate your summertime glow, and voila — you’re ready to go out and enjoy the sunshine. The following are eight of the trends you can expect to see this summer, as far as easy-to-wear jewelry goes:



Midi Rings

Now that winter gloves are out of the way, it’s time to start rocking rings. Midi rings elevate traditional rings to the top half of your finger for a look that’s even fresher. You can stack multiple on one finger or spread them out across your entire hand. You can also mix metals, stones and designs for a boho feel that’s perfect for summer music festivals or day-drinking festivities. Topshop have some great styles.




Headbands flooded the runways in preparation for this season, so stock up on your own collection to keep up with the times. Headbands are perfect for summer wear since they keep hair up and out of your face — just where you want it in the heat. Shiny golden ones make the perfect accessory for a night on the town, while cloth-made, sporty headbands can go with you on errands, to yoga and to brunch

Statement Earrings

A statement necklace is too much for summertime, especially a big, heavy metal one. Satisfy your craving for statement baubles by dangling them from your ears instead. Don’t be shy about going big, either — many designers went for costume-level huge earrings this year. It’s also a great option to pair with an up-do so you can show them off and stay cool. Try these statement earrings.

Charm Bracelets and Bangles

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As in seasons past, slimmed-down versions of the traditional charm bracelet are still blazing hot this summer. The ever-popular Alex and Ani bracelets will still be everywhere, and for good reason: The sleek bangles are easy to slip on and off thanks to a simple tightening mechanism that replaces clasps and clips. Just as easy to pop on are simple bangles that slide over your hands and onto your wrists. Fortunately, those are still in as well. Check out these options here.

Collar Necklaces 



The collar necklace isn’t quite a choker and isn’t quite a traditional necklace. Instead, it hits you right at the collarbone for a look that’s super flattering of your décolletage — an especially good look in summer, when shirts have thin sleeves or are sleeveless. The collar necklace still offers the face accentuation that a necklace of any length would offer, too, so it’s a jewelry win-win. ASOS have a great selection.

Rose Gold Finish

Rose gold is everywhere, from hot hair highlights to the baubles in your jewelry box. Feel free to rock both this summer, when this metallic finish will still be in style. You’ll find just about any accessory in rose gold, too — watches, bangles, necklaces, belts and even cell phones can make your outfit feel fresh and fun with this finish.

Ear Cuffs 

ear cuff


Sometimes, a lobe-based ear accessory isn’t enough. That’s where the ear cuff comes in. This cool hardware clips onto the cartilage of your ear without requiring any additional piercings. You get an easy-on, easy-off metallic accessory that adds edge to even the simplest black tee and jeans. Grab a clutch and metallic sandals — and you’re ready to go.

Mismatched Earrings

You’ve probably seen them: packs of stud earrings that have a handful of different designs, none of which match. This is a simple, street-ready version of what we saw on the spring and summer runways this year, where models rocked mismatching earrings or wore an extra-large statement earring in one lobe only.

Clearly, this summer will be a fun time for jewelry aficionados. Start by trying one of the above trends on its own, then have some fun with it. Maybe you can find a rose gold collar necklace, or pair a simple bangle with a funky statement earring. All trends aside, it’s most important that your final look is a reflection of your own style — nobody knows how to dress you better than you, after all.

– The Fashion Supernova

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