Make Your Summer Wedding Unforgettable with 2016’s Top Color Palettes

Spring is here, which means it’s time to get ready for summer weddings! Whether you’re planning one of your own or attending those of loved ones, a quick primer in this year’s top summer wedding colors will do you well!

Yellow works as Star or Accent

Spring Yellow Fever

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If you’re doing an outdoor wedding, a soft lemon makes a great sundress color for the bridesmaids. Choosing yellow as your main color emphasizes summer as your theme and allows the décor to naturally fall into place. You can also use yellow as an accent over darker colors. Navy with sunflower prints, coral with a splash of yellow accompaniment: yellow brightens up your palette and works with almost every color under the sun.

Rose Quartz and Serenity, Together or Separate

Every year, the color experts of Pantone declare a Color of the Year. This year, their color is actually the combination of two colors: Rose Quartz and Serenity.


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The combination of the warm pink and the cool blue is already topping wedding palette charts, leading the ethereal wedding environments. Here’s what you need to know if you’re feeling Rose Quartz and/or Serenity.

  • Relaxing colors like these can have a great effect in outdoor settings/ especially hot weather.
  • These two colors can be combined with countless other colors, including marsala reds, moss greens, gold, gray, yellow, purple, and more. Pantone has some suggestions for combinations, and you can also check out Pinterest for weddings that have already used these shades.
  • Accessories should complement; they don’t have to match. Once you choose your palette, most of your items will match one of the colors in the palette. This is why most palettes have 5 or 6 colors – 2 or 3 that draw attention, then several more neutral accents. When choosing jewelry, you don’t necessarily have to hunt for these very specific shades. Gray and Gold go great with rose quartz.
  • These two colors complement each other beautifully, but they don’t exist in a vacuum. If pink’s not your thing, or you feel like blue is playing it too safe, feel free to just pick one and build your palette around that. Remember, all the color inspiration out there is just suggestion! It’s up to you to find (or create) the combination that works best for you!

Lavender is a Natural Choice

There are almost too many reasons why lavender is such a great summer wedding color. First off, it’s light and cool. You’ll notice that most of the colors on this list are pastels. That’s partially for the comfort of the bridal party and partially because light colors work so well with vivid outdoor scenery. You can also decide to pair it with other pastels or a range of purples for a greater depth.

Lavender Wedding Palette

Image Source: Wedding Dates

Lavender is also a great summer color because lavender fields are in full bloom. Having a plant that grows naturally during your wedding season is a great resource. If you want to go all-out, perhaps you can even find a lavender field to get married in. If not, you’ll be able to find plenty of lavender to have in centerpieces and dry as décor and clothing accents. A bunch in your bouquet, a sprig in your hair – you’ll have no problem finding plenty of uses.

If you decide to use lavender as both a color and a plant, you get the added benefit of having a great smelling wedding! You can also grow lavender yourself to save on some of the costs of materials!

These are just a couple of 2016’s most popular colors to use in your wedding color palette. Have you found fun combinations for any of these colors?

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