5 Beautiful Summer Hairstyles

Ladies, the summer, is almost upon us, and you know what that means; short skirts, sun dresses, tank tops, super short shorts and the opportunity for some fun and stylish hair styles. Gone are the days of damp, cold weather and wearing mufflers, pants, and jackets. It’s time to let our hair down, maybe put on a wet suit and frolic in the sun. Ahh, sun bathing, swimming, cold beers, trips to the lake or the beach; there’s plenty of fun to be had. So, girls, soak it all in and get ready for a fun-filled and exuberant summer with these 5 Beautiful Summer hairstyles.

Long Loose Waves

Long Loose Waves

This iconic hairdo never goes out of vogue in the summer. The long, loose waves that rest gently on the shoulders and bounce up and down every time you run or jump are reminiscent of the gentle waves on the beach and kindle a cheerful and carefree attitude. There is no secret to achieving this hairstyle. Unless you have extremely curly or short hair, all you need to do is use a round brush and a blow dryer to get this classic summer look.

The short and medium Shag


Shag hairstyles suit all types of hair, including fine, thick, straight and curly hair. The shag adds a sharp and modern look to almost every gal that wears it. However, it is important to bear in mind ladies, that different hair thickness, length, and volume dictates a unique shag cut. And, you should also factor your distinct facial features while getting this hairstyle. While the short shag spells a cheeky sexiness, the medium shag offers a more scruffy and messy look which has its special charm.

The Classic Bob cut

Bob cut

The Bob is yet another sensational hairdo option. This hairstyle is great for the solution for women with thin hair looking to add a little volume. It is extremely low maintenance and can be added with the help of simple styling technique and a few basic products. This hairstyle has many different varieties and can be a great option for both long and short hair. To give you an idea of few ways you can wear this hairstyle:

1. The Short Bob: This one’s a celebrity favourite and looks great on most women. Chin-length hair, with a few bangs, is indeed a classy look.

2. The Graduated Bob: This up and coming trending hairstyle can be fun to experiment with. It offers a sophisticated and neat look that goes well with most dresses.

3. The Messy Bob: If you hair is naturally wavy, the messy bob can be a great option. Despite being pretty simple and convenient, the messy bob is quite trendy and fashionable. Once you get your regular bob hair cut, all you need to do is use your favourite hair product and style it any way you want to achieve that messy look.

The Pixie

the short shag

Short cuts are powerful and sexy. Women who choose to wear these cuts, definitely turn a couple heads, because of the strong, bold statement they make with it. If you’re not quite bold enough for the buzz cut, the short Pixie cut with longish bangs can accentuate your features and bring out your wild side. If you want to add a little punk, you can add a little gel to the ends to achieve sharper definition and an overall edgier look.

The Low Side Bun

low side bun

This classic hairstyle can be a great option for a romantic night out or a candle-lit dinner on a pleasant summer evening by the beach. Regardless of the length of your hair, a low bun swept to the side of your neck spells romance and is guaranteed to send soft tingles down the spine of your partner every time he looks at you. Although there are many types, a low-loose side bun provides the most feminine and chic look.

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