7 Stylish Summer Road Trip Essentials

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7 Summer Road Trip Essentials to Take You Cross-Country in Style

Leaving your home behind to embark on an epic cross-country trip means you can’t take all of the comforts of home with you. You’ll only have limited space in your car, and if other people are going with you, you will have to make room for them and their necessities. If you’re venturing out this summer, don’t forget those luxury items that are just too valuable not to bring. Forget the diamond earrings – here are the real luxurious things you’ll need to have on your road trip to feel glamorous.

Think Minimalist 

travel bag


 If you’ve traveled by plane, you know how much of a pain it is to keep your luggage under a certain weight. When road tripping, weight isn’t a big deal, but saving space when you can is crucial. You probably will want to buy a few souvenirs here and there, but if your car is packed before you leave, you definitely won’t have room for them. Lightweight scarves (silk ones are the best) don’t take up much room, but they are extremely versatile in how you can wear them. You can even create a fitted shirt from one of your favorite scarves if you start to run low on clothes!

Think Anti-Sunburn 



Nursing a sunburn is no way to spend a vacation. Chances are, you’ll be stopping at certain locations to explore, some of which may be out in the desert, with no trees in sight for shade. Don’t let your face get fried. Invest in a wide-brim hat that will not only keep the sun’s rays at bay but will also make you look as glamorous as a movie star.

Think Power 



If you’re traveling with others, sharing the car charger for all of your electronic devices can get a little crazy. If you splurge on a charger, invest in a solar-powered one that has great reviews. With a solar-powered charger, you’ll be able to power up your phone as you sit and picnic with friends. All of your Instagram followers can track your trip now!

Think Necessities 

airport snacks


At home, you may be accustomed to finding a convenience store around every corner, but adventuring off the densely-populated grid means you’ll have to think about necessities long before you actually need them. Sometimes when you’re driving, there won’t be a convenience station for hours. Water is essential to life, so don’t be without a filtration system, just in case you would break down or get stranded. This cute pink one has great reviews and is very simple to use. As long as you can find a water source, you’ll be in good shape!

Think Sightseeing 



Your eye won’t do you any good for seeing all of your road trip destinations if they are tired and strained from squinting in the sun. Don’t leave the house without some in vogue sunglasses! And don’t just take one pair. You may accidentally break them or lose them, and you’ll want another cute pair to don for your trip.

Think A Good Ride 



Got an itch to splurge? There are not much classier things to do than investing in a luxury car to put your road trip on cloud nine. If it’s only your first or second road trip, purchasing a luxury vehicle for cruising might not seem practical, but if you are into taking cross-country trips, it could be worth your investment. Read up on luxury brands before you take the plunge to see if they’re really worth the extra money down.

Think Skin Deep



Feeling silky soft skin under your fingertips is about as luxurious as it gets. While on your road trip, chances are your skin regimen might go by the way side since you’re living out of a tent or a cheap motel sometimes. Invest in some face wipes for those mornings and nights when you don’t have the energy to get out of your comfy bed and wash your face. And a good moisturizer will do wonders for your skin. Changes in altitude, wind and sun can all affect your skin’s moisture levels, so don’t neglect your face!

No matter where you’ll be adventuring this summer, packing a few essential items will make life much more enjoyable out there on the road!

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