4 Ideas To Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

Massive Teddy Bears. Exquisite Roses. Mushy conversations. PDA at its peak. Red and pink balloons everywhere. Yes, Valentine’s Day is almost here! But, wait! Are we too cool to celebrate this day? Do we really need special days to express our love? Why confess your love only for one day and forget it the rest of the year? I pondered a lot about this and came to a conclusion that we might not remember our last date or what we did to make it special but we will remember what we did last Valentine’s Day. The fact that we remember that day so vividly is what it makes it special. Don’t you agree? So, I have come up with a list of ideas that would make your Valentine’s Day special.

Stay at home and watch a movie


The cafes are overcrowded and the privacy is intruded every now and then. Don’t you agree? I think it’s best to stay at home, cuddle up in a blanket and watch your favorite romcom. Or you can take your partner on a long drive with his/her favorite songs.

Play games with other couples


Get creative! Most of the other couples are going to be clueless about the day, so help them out! Call all the couple-friends home and play a game with them. Play rapid-fire by preparing a list of questions such as who-met-when, craziest memory, favorite food, and so on. This way the couples are not only going to thank you to relive their old memories but it will also be a great reunion for you guys.

Woo her/his pet! (if they have one!)


This might sound absurd. But try this! Your partner might be expecting you to do something for him/her but not for his/her lovely pet. Right? Get a gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend’s pet. You are going to win brownie points for this. I assure!

Express your love through beautiful jewelry!


At the end of the day, all you need is love and nothing better than proposing him/her with a ring. Recently, I came across this brilliant Indian website, Voylla. From their stunning designer boutique collection to exquisite Swarovski collection, their jewelry is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! The best part about the jewelry brand is that it is not limited to women. It has a wide collection for men, as well. Their jewelry for Valentine’s and the exclusive packaging is too awesome to turn down. But jewelry always makes an amazing gift as it can be worn everyday forever.

Enjoy your Valentine! Make it special! Happy Valentine’s Day!



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