5 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat


Every girl loves curls but not all of us know how to create them. Loose, voluminous, kinky, deep, water, coily curls and so on; there are so many types of curly hairstyles that are suitable either for your next date dinner, wedding or some other formal or usual event. They are easy to make and help you achieve glamorous, elegant or laid back style.

We all love them, but here’s the thing: curling irons can make some serious long-term damage to your hair because of the heat. Even if you use a professional curling iron and you have a lot of experience, if you use it often you are making significant hair damage, which can take years for recovery. If you choose to use the curling iron you need to avoid the following mistakes:

• Your hair needs to be completely dry before you start.
• You need to use a heat protector.
• Be careful in which direction you are curling.
• Never take more than 10 seconds per wisp of hair.
• After 10 seconds release the wisp from the iron into your hand or pin it with a clip and let it cool a little bit. Cooling your curl will give you tighter curls and will keep the shape longer.

If you don’t want to damage your hair there are some even better ways to make perfect wavy hairstyles with less effort and without heat. Today we will show you 5 interesting ways to curl your hair without using a hairdryer or curling iron. Each of them are really easy to do and you will need some basic stuff that you already have at home. Let’s check them out!

Perfect curls with baby wipes

Take a wisp of your hair and roll it tightly around a baby wipe. At the end seal it tightly and continue with another wisp. Once you have finished, you need to leave them overnight and in the morning the results will be amazing. The girl in this video will show you the method step by step and all you need to do is just follow her instructions.

P.S You can reuse the wipes up to 3 times!

Twist it and turn it in to a bun!

With this easy trick you can make tighter or looser curls depending on your preference. You will need a few bobby pins, a comb and a hair spray. The process is explained in details by Cynthia, the creator of the video.

Beautiful curls thanks to a sock bun

This beauty hack is maybe the easiest of them all. All you need is a sock and hair mousse. Make a ponytail at the top of your head and then make a nice bun by wrapping your hair around the sock. The best thing is that you can sleep with it without a problem, because you don’t need any bobby pins or clips to keep it tight.

Headband curls

For this hair curling technique you will need one or two headbands, a spray bottle with water, hair spray and hair wax (or any other kind of texturizer). The method is simple and all you need to do is divide your hair in sections, twist it and wrap it around the headband. Check out the video for the details!

Boxer braid curls

If you follow this tutorial you will learn how to get wavy hair that looks completely natural. To get these kind of curls you will need to make a boxer braid that also looks great on its own. So, basically you will learn to make two new hair styles in this video that you are going to love!


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