How to Add the Perfect Amount of Spring Fling to Your Home & Style

You’ve spent months bundling up to face freezing temperatures so, when the snow finally starts to melt, it’s a call for celebration. One way to do so is to warm up the inside of your home as the same thing happens outside. Springtime decor might conjure images of overly floral schemes in old-school pastel colors, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, we’ve gathered 5 tips to help you bring just enough spring into your home to keep things fresh and warm until it gets summertime hot.

Play with Patterns

fashion chair

You can’t cover an easy chair in a couture gown, but fashion runways are replete with home decor inspo if you know how to translate it. One easy way is to pick out the patterns that seem to be prevalent across the board and use them to update your home’s upholstery. Let’s take simple gingham checks for example. They might have been folded in with other bright, bold patterns to build eye-catching ensembles on the runway. In your home, however, simply draping a gingham throw over a chair or sofa brings the same simple freshness. Find a print that speaks to you from this year’s spring runways and run with it yourself.

Try a New Texture


The texture of fabric is just as important as its color or print, as far as fashion designers are concerned. Take care to choose some new upholstery fabrics for your home that mirror the trendy materials that have cropped up on the runway this year. You might be surprised as to what inspires you in your own space: it could be casual shades of denim or the soft sheen of suede in muted neutral tones. No matter what you choose, you’ll be in line with fashion trends and have a new sofa, curtains or throw pillow set that speaks to your style. We call that a win-win.

Go Green

flower vase

If you played word association starting with “spring,” it wouldn’t take long for someone to come up with the word “flowers.” That’s why it’s a must to bring live plants into your home as soon as winter subsides. You can make it more fashion-forward by checking out the flowers that have inspired designers this year by, once again, perusing the season’s prints; however, you really can’t go wrong with any greenery that you add to your home. House plants have a wealth of health benefits for you, too, so there’s even more incentive to do so.

Stick to a Single Hue

pink home decor

One interesting trend on this year’s fashion runways was monochromatic looks. We’re not suggesting that you make an entire room the same exact color, floor-to-ceiling, though. In home decor, you simply choose one color as your inspiration and fill a space with different variations of that color. For example, you might be inspired to make your bedroom ultra springy and feminine with a deluge of pink fabrics and accessories. A mix of salmon, blush, rose gold, and barely there, almost white-pink would give you that heavenly effect without looking too matchy-matchy.

Try for One-of-a-Kind

interior design

The beauty of couture is that it’s so special: you won’t see anyone else strutting down the street in your handmade, hand-beaded couture gown any time soon. Since most of us don’t have access to that kind of wardrobe yet, you should try and make your home its own version of couture this spring. A handmade, self-designed element is the ultimate ode to spring, since the season is all about newness.

Perhaps, for example, you could create a focal wall in a space that needs one, displaying family photos mixed in with framed florals and other classic images of spring. You might also put up a wall decal or paint a mural of a natural element, such as a budding tree or flying bird, that screams “spring” to you. No matter what you choose to do, it will be yours and yours alone — that might be just as special as a couture gown.

Springtime marks the start of a new season and an endless list of new possibilities. Your home design can easily reflect the change, the brightness and the colors of spring. The above five tips are only a jumping-off point, too, so walk to your favorite boutique and let the outdoors and the fashion hanging from the racks inspire you.

– The Fashion Supernova

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