4 Festive Holiday Party Outfits To Wear

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It’s a Party and I’ll Dress Up if I want to!

It is Holiday party season and everyone is looking through their closet thinking they don’t have anything to wear!  This very well could be the case, or like me, no matter how many amazing items you own, you still can’t find anything to wear.  This is a great time during a long year to go out and buy yourself the perfect outfit to wear to a Holiday Party!  The sales are plentiful and you surely can find those must have heels for a great price to match the bag you have been craving for years because it is now 60% off! Below are four different outfits that can give you inspiration for style options to four different parties with various vibes.  Click the links below each of the outfits to see similar items from the fashion blog industry.

Work Party

When headed to your work party, you want to show off your amazing style, especially if you work at a location that requires a uniform or dress code.  Work Parties are a great place to make you the hot topic at the water cooler on Monday morning.  A Trench Coat is a great way to start the night off by looking very sophisticated, but always make sure when the coat comes off, there are many reasons for everyone to smile with you!  Match the color of your clutch with your accessories and choose an amazing smelling perfume!  Heels are a must as you want to enhance your confidence and your power at your Work Holiday Party!

what to wear to a work holiday partyCoat | Heels | Dress | Clutch | Gloves | Glasses | Phone Case | Watch

Family Party

When attending a party with your Family, always remember to show your style with out showing too much skin.  This outfit below encompasses a very warm look with a mixture of dark and light tones.  I love a deep red color in the winter because as the sun sets earlier, you still get a great shine off your lips and it is much easier to maintain than bright red when the weather gets bad.  Think cute when you are finding an outfit for a Family Party and wear tights to hide your skin.  The last thing you want is to be talked about badly by your relatives because you wore an outfit too revealing, but the thing you want most of all is for the rest of the family to be talking about your outfit for the entire year, that is, until you outdo yourself at next years Family Holiday Party.

what to wear to a family holiday party2Coat | Heels | Skirt | Bag | Scarf | Glasses | Bangle | Watch | Hat

Fundraising/Cause Party

This is the event of the year that you pull out all the stops, since it’s typically cold, you need to dress for the weather, but knowing that many politicians and dignitaries will be present, you want to wear something that catches their eye.  You may not be there to try and find a date, but you certainly want them to remember you.  Future jobs/internships and volunteer opportunities are on the line when attending a party where money is being raised for a cause.  This is the perfect time to find your cherry red lipstick and match it with something sparkly!  Combine those sparkles with a pair of thing high boots for a look that will be remembered by every man in attendance.  Men love leather so make sure one of your pieces are leather or shiny, no matter how elegant your outfit is, you want to make sure there is a little edge to your style.

what to wear to a benefit holiday partyCoat | Boots | Dress | Clutch | Gloves | Glasses | Scarf | Watch

Friends Party

It is very important to make sure, the one time a year you see some of your long lost friends, that you are first comfy and second most stylish than they are!  Since typically you will be staying at a friends house, you want to wear a pair of jeans since who knows where you will be sitting while playing games, drinking wine or watching movies with your best friends.  Show off some of the great purchases you have made over the year especially a designer handbag or great pair of boots!  Don’t go over board on your make up, and accessories, but make sure if you head out on the town for the night, you can bundle up and be ready for the cold weather!

what to wear to a friends holiday partyVest | Boots | Jeans | Bag | Shirt | Glasses | Earrings | Watch | Hat

Dressing up for Holiday Parties is very important for many different reasons, hopefully you found some motivation to go find a new outfit to wear to the party you are headed to this season.  It’s okay to re-wear outfits to different parties, but only if you are certain you won’t see anyone that was at a previous party!  Think about the functionality of your outfit and the location you are going to be at.  Each party brings out a different aspect of your fashion versatility, so choose wisely and don’t forget the tips above when laying it all out!


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