Try It! The Sexy New Playsuits We’ve Gone Silly Over

I always associated playsuits with my younger years, when my mother would make me wear one in summer whenever we were headed to the swings or to the beach, but nowadays, I see the playsuit as the go to clothing item whenever I want to exude effortless style as the streets, the red carpet and even the runway, are putting the playsuit front and centre.

It still baffles me how this one piece of clothing can be so versatile and provide endless styling options, and so, taking some fashion inspiration from other fashionistas and from celebrities, I wanted to show you some of the ways you can rock a playsuit and channel your inner street style star.

The Bold Metallic


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I love how Alexa Chung styled this metallic playsuit. Rather than going for the obvious route of heels and accessories for an evening look, she made it look raw and she does not look overtly sexy, by pairing it with a good boot and a jumper tied around her waist. Try this look by pairing a metallic playsuit with more casual pieces for a laid-back but utterly chic look. You can also add a backpack or a cross body bag as another style detail.

The Long Sleeved Playsuit

stephi lareine

Image via UK blogger Stephi Lareine

There is something very sexy about covering up the whole part of your upper body and letting your legs do the talking. This is what Stephi does with this playsuit and it is perfection. Sport the long sleeved playsuit and pair it with a high heeled ankle boot to give your legs more length for a sophisticated but sexy day look, or flats to make it more casual.

The Backless Playsuit

backless playsuit

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For a dramatic look, go for the backless playsuit or a sheer covered back. Pull your hair up in a messy bun and strap on some high heels for an evening look. You can also pair a backless playsuit with a flat ankle boot and nothing else for a stunning day look that is effortless but not too overdone.

The Floral Playsuit

Liza Owen

Image via UK blogger Liza Owen

The floral playsuit is everywhere these days. Pair it with ballet flats or a hat if you want to look utterly feminine, just as Liza does in this picture. You can also pair floral print playsuits with sneakers for a daring take on what pretty femininity means to you or edge it up a notch by wearing a flat ankle boot that is studded. Brogues are another option for a floral playsuit and they play very well to create a whimsy touch. Finish the overall look by pairing it with a great tote bag and you can also layer bracelets for a pretty day look.

From casual to super chic, the playsuit proves that it can be worn with anything and for any season. Whether you go for long sleeved or thin strap like the Showpo Playsuits; pairing it with sneakers and a back pack or heels and a great clutch, the playsuit will let you run errands, conquer the streets or dance the night away effortlessly and in style.

Author Bio: A fashion afficianado, Regina empowers women through her writing and fashion tips. If she’s not walking her dog, you can catch her surfing the web for what’s new at Showpo.



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