10 Unique Winter Coats For Women

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10 Unique & Different Winter Coats For Women

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to say goodbye to light sweaters and breezy cardigans. Now it’s time for boots, hats, scarves, and yes, coats! While the puffy marshmallow look was popular in the 90’s, a trimmer, sleeker look is gracing the shelves again this year. Let’s check out 10 winter coats that might catch your eye for the 2015-2016 season.

gabriel moto jacket

Gabriel Moto Jacket

If you like to go a little hardcore but stay warm, this is the perfect mix. A faux leather jacket keeps you warm without leaving style by the side of the road. Plus, the heavy collar traps heat around your neck, preventing you from feeling the cold, even without a scarf.

rydell coat

Rydell Coat by Jack and BB

If plaid is your jam, this is the jacket for you. A wool mix with a faux fur neckline keeps your cozy and warm, while the checkered style keeps you up to date. The plunging collar is a great way to show off a scarf or high-necked blouse as well. This particular coat is very versatile and looks great for work or a day trip!

checkered doubt breasted

Checkered Double Breasted Wool Blend Coat

Wool, even as a blend, is wonderfully warm, and this coat is a classic that never goes out of style. The double breast is flattering on any figure, and the dark checkered pattern stands out without overpowering.

trench coat

Classic Trench Coat 

A dense, cotton twill weave, a tie belt, and double breasted front all help to make this coat a classic. Having become popular way back in World War II these coats now symbolize class, money, and sophistication. The lining keeps you warm and the collar gives you some protection from the rain and wind. Plus, you’ve always wanted to emulate Casa Blanca, right?

skater coat

Skater Coat with Faux Fur Collar

A play on the classic trench coat above, a skater coat has a few differences. Of course, a faux fur collar is a big one, but it also tends to be shorter, with a flared bottom for a slightly more feminine look. The heavy fabric makes it suitable even for the coldest winters, while the asymmetrical buttoning adds an unexpected touch.

keep me cozy faux

Keep Me Cozy Faux Fur Jacket

The faux fur lining is the talk of the town this season, and this jacket will certainly get them talking. While leopard print might be too much for some people, this cream colored detail is gentle enough to wear to work, but flashy enough to make a statement. Plus, with the pockets, flattering drawstring waist, and overlapping back detail, no one will mistake this for last season’s item.

abra patterned coat

Abra Patterned Coat

A brushed finish on this coat makes for a softer, warmer look than other finishes, and it adds a beautiful touch of shimmer. The heavy collar and mid-thigh length makes it perfect for fighting off the cold. The optional belt allows you to decide how it fits your figure. This is simple and elegant, and a fit to flatter everyone.

beands boiled wool jacket

Bean’s Boiled Wool Jacket

Boiled wool is usually considered a warmer option that just regular wool because the process forces the strands together to form a tight, felted mass. Combine that with wool’s natural heat-retaining properties, and you have a recipe for a seriously warm jacket. If you’re subject to getting cold easily or you know you’ll need something warm and protective, this is the jacket for you.

new look faux fur colar

New Look Faux Fur Collar Wrap Coat 

A good long coat can be difficult to find, but one that strikes somewhere in between gives the sophistication of a long coat, but without the hassle. Pockets, a tie belt, and a detachable fur collar give this coat a wide variety. It can easily accomplish at least three different looks all on its own, no matter what outfit you pair it with.

ultra warm jacket

Ultra Warm Jacket

For those who live in really cold areas, you’ll need the extra layers provided by this workhorse of a coat. Despite the sewing, this jacket manages to avoid the marshmallow look. However, the water and stain resistant shell does make this one excellent for deep winter excursions. This is the one you want to bring to the ski lodge!

No matter what coat you decide on, you can’t go wrong with a touch of today’s looks in a classic package. Faux fur, brushed finishes, and statement collars are all great ways to incorporate an updated look on a classic style.

– The Fashion Supernova

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