10 Hot Leather Style Jeans For Winter & How To Wear Them


10 Hot Leather Style Jeans For Winter

Winter is almost here in most parts of the world, so that means it’s time to dress for the weather. Of course, nothing rhymes with weather better than leather. Here are 10 pairs of leather pants, some real, and some faux, while some only look like leather, but one thing is for sure, some of these need to be in your wardrobe this winter so you can hit your favorite spot in town, look amazing, and stay as warm as possible!

Below I’ve listed many different styles of leather pants, all that will look amazing in your arsenal this winter. While some of them may look similar, they are all different and have their own little details that will have you wanting to wear them over and over. Leather is certainly the new denim, and is such a classy way to show of your style with a hint of a bad girl vibe.

How To Style Leather Pants

Pockets are always the biggest thing to look at when choosing the best leather pants for you. Keep in mind of what you will be wearing with the pants and where you will be going. Sometimes the look of back pockets can be seen as less classy, or more denim style. With leather it doesn’t matter if you have back pockets as long as you pair them with the appropriate top. You can even find leather pants with suit pant pockets on the back. The Helmut Lang pants are a perfect example of how clean a crisp they can look!

Shoes are going to be a huge part of the success of wearing leather items. Did I say shoe? I meant heels! Find your highest and most sexy pair of heels as you elongate your legs and show of the fantastic leather on your pins! If you indulge in the boot cut or bell bottom leather pants, make sure you go with a platform heel to give off the best look with the wide bottom. Get creative with your choices when you choose a moto pant with zippers, it’s fun to wear a moto ankle bootie. You can also go with classic pumps when you are rocking the ankle length leather pants!

Color is a big deal in the fall and winter. Some of the most popular colors this year are deep red colors such as Burgundy and Wine. Brown is also a very popular choice and a deep purple, such as violet. Colored leather is sometimes really hard to find, but if you look in the right places, you can find some amazing items. Sometimes it is easier to find a coated denim with the wax finish in colors.

When deciding between the three different options of the leather look, the real difference is price. The 100% real leather is going to fit and feel like real leather, it will last longer and most certainly smell amazing! If you choose to go for the faux leather, you’ll get what you pay for, but certainly must be sure that they are fit for your body type. Lastly, the wax coated denim is a great way to have the feel of denim, with a shine that looks like leather. With all of these wonderful options, make sure you read the cleaning label because they all have a different method to keep them in the best shape for years!


DL1961 Florence Instasculpt Skinny Leather Jeans


Rag & Bone Skinny Leather Pants


American Apparel Vegan Leather Leggings w/ Ankle Zip


Frame Denim – LE Leggings – Navy


Anine – Skinny Leather Moto Pants


Jane Moto Faux Leather Pants – Violet


Rag & Bone Leather Bell Bottom Pants


Helmut Lang – Suit Style Leather Pants


Blank Denim – Vegan Leather Skinny Pants


Hudson Jeans – Krista Supper Skinny Angle Coated Jeans


– The Fashion Supernova


  1. Tips On How To Find The Right Bespoke Pants For Your Unique Body Shape
    Ladies Home

    Finding the right pants for your unique body shape isn’t always a walk in the park. You may even find yourself unable to find the right pants even after so many years of trial and error. You have probably worn out your perfect pair of bottoms before you find your next pants-soulmate and that makes you twice as frustrated now.

    Pants are very essential to every woman’s wardrobe, that’s why jeans are very popular and the fashion industry has different cuts and styles so that women can find the perfect pair to look good and feel good in them.

    If only it was easy to find the perfect pair of jeans that accentuates your best features and hugs your every curve like a dream. While this can be highly achievable especially with bespoke pants, we still need tips coming from fashion experts on which pants would really suit our body shape’s uniqueness.

    So, how do we find the perfect pair of bottoms?

    No Universal Shape
    Always remember that our bodies don’t really have universal shapes. Even though we have categorized it to names like Pear Shape, Apple Shape, Diamond Shape, and such, our bodies are different from one another and no body shape can be accurately categorized. While it always comes down to your preference, it is most likely your call on what trousers flatter your figure best.

    Types of Jeans
    Before we further discuss how you can find the perfect jeans for your body shape, did you know that there are about 6 types of jeans for men and about 10 for women? While it can already be stressful in trying to figure out which of these types could work well for you, the overwhelming amount of bottoms that you can choose from can easily make you feel twice as confused. In order to make it easier for you to choose the best bespoke pants, let’s discuss first the types of jeans that are mostly available in the market.

    The Bootcut
    These types of jeans are a great fit to your waist to the thighs. The cut starts to widen before it reaches the ankle. Most of the time, it will look good on most body types because it gives an illusion of a sleeker body frame. Even to those who have proportional body curves, this can be very flattering.

    The Flared
    Remember those ’70s pants that are flared at the bottoms? This is it. This is slightly similar to bootcut, but with a hider hem. If you want to rock the ’70s heroine vibes, then this type of jeans is your perfect choice.

    Bespoke Pants
    The Wide Leg
    Wide leg trousers have an entire leg that’s wide. Compared to flared and bootcut that transitions from slim to flared. It is also popularly known as baggy jeans that were famous in the mid-’90s and still continue to be classic and trendy even today in the 2020s.

    The Skinny Jeans
    I’m pretty sure that most people own a couple of skinny jeans whatever their body type is. It is the go-to cut for most women and it has a snug fit from top to bottom. It also has a narrow leg opening that clings to your legs and ankle.

    The Cigarette
    This style falls right in between the straight cut and skinny jeans. It has a snug fit, but thighs down it has a straight and narrow hem. This is mostly worn by those who have a petite body type.

    The Cuffed
    Just like what the name states, it’s just jeans that come with folded hems. They’re very chic and fashionable now. They’re also best paired with really good shoes to accentuate the style of the pants.

    The Cropped
    Remember those famous capri pants? It is similar to that. They are those types of jeans that are shorter than the regular ones. The length is usually just right above your ankles. This cut is clean and is perfect as formal wear. If you’re a woman blessed with long legs, then this style will fit you perfectly.

    The Straight Cut
    Just like what the name suggests, the cut is straight and the fit is the same from the waist to your ankle.

    The Boyfriend
    These jeans look like they have been borrowed from your boyfriend, but not exactly. These types of jeans have a really relaxed cut without any snug-fitting in any area. It is a very casual and laid-back style that’s perfect for an everyday look.

    A lot of women in different body types can easily rock this style as long as they pair it with a nice top.

    The High-rise
    High-rise jeans are usually worn above the navel area. It can create the illusion of length and can help your legs appear longer. It can also help define your waist area and can create a great balance of proportions.

    Low, Medium, and High Rise Jeans
    Now that you know the basic things about the types of jeans, it’s time to learn a little more about low, medium, and high-rise jeans. In finding the right pair of jeans, it is also important to understand if your body will look best in a low-rise, medium-rise, or a high-rise cut.

    So, what exactly are a pair of jeans rise? Brands describe this as the distance from the crotch area to the top of the waistband. If you choose the wrong rise of pants, it can create unwanted bulges such as a muffin top or an odd gaping at the back. Choosing the right pants rise can make or break an entire outfit as much as the right pants fit.

    The rise can either work for you or against you. You can always choose to use it to advantage in order to change your body’s perceived dimensions.

    Low Rise
    These Bespoke Pants are mostly worn at your hips and they sit well below your natural waist area. While these types of Bespoke Pants have become quite popular during the 60s and 70s, they have made a comeback over the past few years up to date.

    Low rise Bespoke Pants aren’t great to those who are below the average height, because it can easily make you look smaller and out of proportion. If you have short legs and a long torso, stay away from low-rise Bespoke Pants.

    Medium Rise
    Some would call it the regular rise, and it is anywhere from 9 to 10 inches. It is meant to be worn at your natural waist. Most Bespoke Pants are medium-rise like khakis and trousers that are formal.

    High Rise
    When the length from the crotch to the waistband is longer than 11 inches. These types of Bespoke Pants are a great option for those who are tall and want to create the illusion of being taller.

    Body Shape: Tall and Straight
    If your body type leans towards a straight figure with very minimal bumps and curves, high-waisted pants can help in terms of defining your midsection. The logic behind this is that it will help flatter the area between your shoulders and hips, thus creating an illusion of proportion to combat the straight figure. Since you probably have long limbs and narrow hips, you have to make sure that you go for a longer inseam.

    The main idea is to find a design that can create curves. You can experiment with pleats at the waist and hips, or those types of pants that have hip details and designs. Don’t be afraid to go for light-colored pants or patterned bottoms if that’s what you prefer.

    This type of body-shape is mostly called “boy shape” because of fewer curves. Your goal should be about playing up your best assets to define the curves in your body. You probably also have to amplify your rear, so opting for pants that have pocket flaps, embellishments or decorative stitching can help in bringing attention to this area.

    You may also want to avoid cuts that have wide hems and pants that have too-high waists that can make your body look out of proportion.

    Body Shape: Apple and Pear
    If you have a pear-shaped or apple figure, you should opt for jeans that help elongate your legs.

    If your body is fuller in the midsection, then your best option are wide-legged bespoke pants. This creates an elongating illusion to your body and it can be very flattering. Choose pants that have a continuous line from hips to hems for that elongating look.

    You can also go for pants that have broad waistbands that have a snug fit in the rear area. Seamed back pockets and wider legs are also great and can be very easy to style. It might be best to avoid light denim washes because it can easily draw attention to your lower body and can make it appear larger.

    Body Shape: Hourglass
    If you have an hourglass figure, then you are probably blessed with well-proportioned feminine curves. You have a full bust, curvy lower half, and a small waist.

    Cropped trousers are a great bespoke pants option. They don’t appear overwhelming to your figure and when the cut has a slight flare, it can look amazing and can help accentuate your curves all in the right places. Bootcut and flare jeans are also a great option because they can easily help you show off your best assets.

    It is essential to highlight your small waist. Bespoke pants with wide waistbands or detailing can also help accentuate your curves. Whether they’re belts, bow accents, or any type of element that helps in creating that curve–be fearless with it! Curve-conscious styles which rise higher in the back since you are probably blessed with a bigger booty area. If you are aiming for comfort, a stretch denim fabric can be a great choice. Also, make sure that the pants that you are buying have sturdy stitches too.

    Body Shape: Plus-Size
    If your body leans towards the voluptuous figure, your main goal is to balance your bountiful hips, behind, and elongating your legs. Mid-rise trousers that have slight tapering at the hem are great options. Going for wide-legged ones can be overpowering, but you can go for bootcut and flare styles to flatter your curves.

    If you are plus-size, you are considered to have similarities to the hourglass shape, so it is also recommended that you go for high-rise jeans, whether it’s a bootcut, flare, or skinny type of jeans. Form-fitting jeans help in balancing your body shape without squishing your legs. It can offer a slender look without any efforts.

    It is recommended that you avoid cropped styles that can make you look shorter than your actual height.

    Body Shape: Petite
    If you are one of those teeny-tiny ladies that are below 5’3 in height, then you should go for pants that make you naturally slender and taller. Just like straight cut trousers, they add length to your figure without creating volume on the lower half–which could make you look stumpy and smaller. Pants with front pleats can help in creating this elongating illusion to your body. Pants that have a straight cut can visually elongate your lower half and at the same time make you look slimmer.

    Don’t forget to look for shorter inseams to avoid dragging your jeans on the ground which can look sloppy. Cuffed jeans are a great option too, just make sure that the cuffs aren’t too high.

    You may also opt for a darker wash when it comes to denim instead of faded out pastels and pale hues which can make you look stumpy. It is also best to have jeans that fit you in a snug way so that your petite frame doesn’t get swallowed up with baggy designs. If possible, avoid skinny jeans or any style that has tapered hems because it can make your legs appear shorter.

    Bespoke Pants Is The Best Option
    It all comes down to fit when it comes to jeans. Even if you already have the right type of jeans that have the perfect rise for your body type, if it doesn’t fit you perfectly, it still wouldn’t look flattering. When in doubt, go for bespoke pants to ensure that you look and feel good no matter what pants you’re in.

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  2. Summer Wardrobe Essentials For Every Fashionista
    Tips and Tricks

    Yes, you read that right. Summer is just around the corner,, and most of us are excited to go to the beach and get a tan. Although in some parts of the world there’s an on-going pandemic and not everyone has the luxury to travel to get some sun, you can always enjoy summer despite the recent happenings.

    Who says you can’t enjoy 2020’s summer, even when it’s in your backyard? Or if you don’t have a garden, who says you can’t open your window and bask in the sun while on a bikini, even if indoors? Not to mention that maybe kiddie pools are a great way to bring out the child in you and, at the same time, enjoy quality time with your kids? There are tons of ways that you can still enjoy summer and all you have to do is be creative with it.

    One way to enjoy summer is to spice up your summer wardrobe. We all know how what we are wearing influences the way we feel and how we act, which is why spicing up and updating your wardrobe for the upcoming summer is essential if you want to amplify the summer vibe.

    A Wardrobe Isn’t Complete Without The Essentials.
    Trends are fun to follow–sometimes. But your wardrobe won’t be complete without the essentials. You simply can’t have all the tops in the world but not have enough bottoms to pair it with, right? So, we’re here to advise you on which essentials you should be shopping for to update your summer wardrobe essentials.

    If you want to know more about what your closet requires for this sunny season, read on.

    Summer Wardrobe Essentials
    A White T-Shirt
    While owning a white t-shirt isn’t so exciting, it is a very versatile piece that you can easily style throughout this season. You can go crazy by wearing different accessories and even rock bold patterns for your skirt, and you can never go wrong.

    summer wardrobe essentials SLOGAN BASIC ELBOW SLEEVE T-SHIRT


    A White Sneaker
    White sneakers are always a staple in different seasons, not just for summer. Investing in pretty white sneakers that are minimalist and perfect for both your busy days and lazy weekend outfits.

    A Fancy Shirt Dress
    Summer wardrobe essentials Shirt dresses are an excellent outfit choice. It looks chic and simple, and it feels airy and cool for the warm season. Not only that, but shirt dresses are effortlessly elegant, too.



    Colorful Bags
    Bags can be your primary source of any pop of color if you’re not too keen on wearing brightly colored clothes. You can always go for the next best thing–which are bags if you need a pop of color in your outfit. Whether it is in bright pink, yellow, or even neon, you can quickly partner your colorful bag with numerous outfits if you want an instant color boost.

    Midi Flowy Skirts
    While mini skirts are still a staple for your summer wardrobe, don’t forget the very classy midi. The style is very chic and flattering to a lot of body types. It is also perfect for keeping you comfy and cool during these warmer months. You can pair these skirts with mules or any other flat shoes of your liking.



    Straw Hats
    While the sunny weather is a great way to get your Vitamin D, sun safety is still a priority aside from the usual sunscreen. Nothing screams summer vibes other than wearing a stylish straw hat that’s perfect for the beach, outdoor picnics, and the like. Don’t forget to protect your skin!

    Ballet Flats
    If strappy sandals aren’t your thing, then ballet flats should be a staple for your summer wardrobe. They’re chic and comfortable and can be worn with a lot of things. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans, or even shorts. If you want a pop of color, black isn’t always the option. You can even go for animal prints, neons, or even stripes!

    Denim Shorts
    Showing off your legs in summer is not a bad thing. Who cares? You can rock your favorite denim shorts and match them with any top of your liking, and you already have a cute casual look. If you want a slightly more luxe outfit, you can opt for button-up shirts, too!

    summer wardrobe essentials



    Finish off your summer outfit with a stylish looking sunglasses. There are different types of sunglasses that are ideal for your face shape. Whether its a pair of classic aviators or a very sophisticated cat-eye design, wear your sunglasses with pride!

    It won’t be a sin to wear flip flops during summer, but if you want a more sophisticated choice, then slides are your next option. You can comfortably wear them with dresses, skirts, and even shorts for that relaxed yet luxurious vibe.

    When the weather is hot, wearing anything tight and restrictive can be a very annoying feeling to bear. That’s why dresses are the perfect way to stay stylish and cool because of its breezy and comfortable feel that helps you get through summer in style.

    summer wardrobe essentials



    Essentials Can Be Different
    The essentials that we have suggested are merely suggestions on what we think is best needed in your wardrobe for summer. Take all of it with a grain of salt, because these essentials should take into consideration your lifestyle, job, and even budget. Your preferences may also differ, and that’s okay, too!

    The important thing is, summer is that time of the year wherein we just want to feel good and enjoy ourselves. Wherever you are in the world, we all deserve a summer that’s full of fun, colors, and feel good vibes! However you decide to enjoy your summer, even if it is just in the comfort of your own home, we all deserve to celebrate this joyful season in our little ways.

    Always remember, Just 4 Unique is here for all your summer wardrobe needs!

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