Kopparbraids And Kopparbeards At The Braid Bar


A few weekends ago, Summer Solstice got a Scandi twist at Kopparberg Urban Forest as a top floral stylist teamed up with The Braid Bar to lead the festival fashionistas into the trend for Kopparbraids & Kopparbeards. The braids offered a fresh Scandi take on the the festival trend for flower crowns and are set to be seen across festivals during the summer. How cool are they? It’s definitely an interesting way of adding flowers to your hair and beards if you don’t fancy the usual floral crown!

Kopparbeards are inspired by the Kopparberg summer advert that features an elderflower-bearded model while Braid Bar has been taking the fashion world by storm with celebrity braid-fans including Mary Charteris, Jourdan Dunn, the Delevingnes and Sienna Miller. The Kopparberg Urban Forest saw Swedish and London culture collide in a heady mix of live music, street food and drink. I can’t wait to see who else we spot with flowers in their hair! Is this a trend you would be happy to dive into?

Kopparbeard&Kopparbraid_KopparbergUrbanForest4 Kopparbeard&Kopparbraid_KopparbergUrbanForest5 Kopparbeard&Kopparbraid_KopparbergUrbanForest6 Kopparbeard&Kopparbraid_KopparbergUrbanForest10

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