8 Retro Swim Trunks For Men


Summer is in full swing which means it’s time to get some new swimming trunks guys! I’ve rounded up a list here of 8 retro swim trunks from Oiler and Boiler which look amazing and current at the same time! There’s a style for everyone, ranging from longer length to speedo style and prints from across the board. Which pair do you like the most and which swimwear style will you be sporting at the beach?


These swimming trunks in particular have a really cool vibe to them. I love the black and yellow stripes. Not only does it remind me of a football team or Beetle Juice, it actually reminds me of the 70’s!


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Now who doesn’t love a classic floral print? Relevant to surfer shorts or trunks that you wear while vacationing in Hawaii, these are reminiscent of most decades since they seem to be a classic! Coming in both orange and blue, pink and orange and a multi-coloured floral version, these are perfect for anyone looking to make a statement!


Why not have some fun like they did in the 80’s with a pair of yellow swimming trunks featuring marlins on them? Comical and unique prints are a great way to rock up on the beach in your swimming attire! Not only are they a talking point, but they are great to look at too.


Going short with a pair of Speedo style swimming trunks is great for those guys who love to do swimming on a serious level. Europeans favour speedos too so if you are planning a holiday to Greece or Italy, be sure to pack a pair and soak up a tan without any leg lines.


Finally you have two classic prints here that work for anyone. Polka dots are universal, especially when in a navy shade, as are skulls. These skulls come in a pinkish red with purple combination, so both prints could be considered more on the delicate side!

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