7 Australian Swimwear Brands to Watch

Australia is the holiday destination of choice for people all around the world, and Australia knows it. In the last few years, Australian fashion, tourism and culture have exploded, and with it, the economy. New designers are emerging in the fashion industry and showcasing their talents in swimwear, which surpass designs made even by the most successful of designers. As the summer of 2015 approaches, those still undecided about which swimsuit to wear to show off their toned body are depending on Australia to give them the best it’s got. Here, we are giving you the top 7 Australian swimwear brands to watch for.



Seafolly started in 1975, and hasn’t stopped since. Seafolly has been an inspiration for other brands and is the most recognized swimwear brand worldwide. Seafolly swimwear currently stocks major fashion departments and swimwear boutiques all around the world. It has all styles of swimwear available such as high neck, strapless, bandeaus, Brazilians, boylegs, high waisted and many more in all designs and signature patterns including Miami style and even Kimono rose. Seafolly is on top of its game and is not afraid to show it.


Jets Swimwear

Jessika Allen has been in charge of Jets swimwear since its re-launch and has reached new heights in terms of revenue, popularity and design. Jets swimwear idolizes perfection and with their signature look of sleek geometric patterns, Jets is well on its way to being one of the number one brands in Australia.



Triangl has one simple rule when it comes to fashion. Sharp! Triangl has been known to give some of the best and most chic designs in swimwear and have the looks to prove it. They know that when you step out on to the beach wearing one of their pieces, heads are gonna turn, and Triangl banks on it. They are popular all over the world for their sharp and unique designs and if you open up a magazine and see a celebrity looking hot and swoon-worthy, know that Triangl has been there.

Bondi Bathers

Bondi Bather

It doesn’t get much better than this. If you want to wear Australia, wear it in style! Bondi Bather designs are luscious, luxurious and so comfortable that you will never have to worry about saggy bottoms or unfortunate nip-slips ever again. Bondi Bather was founded by Kerry Cusack, a native Australian who loves to show off Australia. All Bondi Bather designs are made with inspiration from their native land, and you know what they say; when in Australia, do as the Australians do!



NLP is the place to go for sporty chic swimwear. NLP was designed for every woman and they know that every woman loves to feel beautiful. Toning that gorgeous body in the gym takes a lot of time and energy and we know that nothing feels worse than having that toned body in a sad droopy bikini. With NLP’s signature sporty look, swimsuits for all body types will make you feel invincible.



Camilla swimwear is specifically designed to make you feel like Aphrodite, which means that when you step out of the ocean wearing one of their swimsuits, people will think you’re a goddess. Camilla swimwear has their trademark flower power and nature design to thank for their popularity. Camilla designer swimwear is made to make every woman feel like a million bucks and with affordable clothing, who wouldn’t swipe at such an offer!



Zimmermann designs are for the elegant diva in you. With signature color palettes of black, white and nude, Zimmermann designs are perfect and gorgeous. Remember at times when you’d be wearing a gown and would want to still move freely without the fear of tripping? That design in swimwear is a rare risk and somehow, Zimmermann pulled it off.

Styling tips and information from Carla, the style guru @Carlaswimwear

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