Bra Styles Every Petite Woman Should Own

For women with small breasts, choosing a bra that is comfortable, appropriately supportive, and a good match for a specific outfit can be more challenging than it is for women with average or ample chest sizes. Here are some things small-chested women should keep in mind before moving on to choosing bras in a particular style:

• Every bra has a different type of fabric and cut. If the fabric is overly tight or stretchy, the small-chested woman may have to go up or down one cup size. The same is true of the bra’s cut. Some are made to fit low while others cover the entire breast. Depending on the look and feel the woman wants, she should plan to try on several bras until finding one that fits just right.

• Padding makes a difference. A bra with a lot of padding may lead the woman to believe that she needs a larger size for all bras when in reality it is only for that bra.

Bra Styles

Once a woman has selected a fit and size most appropriate for her, it’s time to turn her attention to bra styles. While many women own only two or three bras that they regularly rotate, ideally women should have a different bra style for the various types of clothing that they own. It’s also important to consider where she intends to wear the bra and the outfit. The three bra styles described below are just some of the many options available.

The T-Shirt Bra

This bra style includes anything that has a smooth and seamless look under any type of fitted shirt. No woman wants to spend her time worrying about lumps and creases in her bra that might be obvious to others. The t-shirt bra is typically constructed from nylon, silk, lycra, or cotton. It makes a perfect choice for everyday casual wear.

The Balconette Bra

This style is a step up from the t-shirt bra. It’s still a good choice for everyday wear, but it’s a bit sexier and allows women to show some cleavage if they choose to do so. It also gives the breasts a slight lift, which is a definite advantage for the woman who is not well endowed. The wide straps and lacy cups offer support while the wearer gets to play up her looks.

The Bralette

This is a wireless bra that offers the same support as a sports bra but is far less frumpy. It’s ideal for light workouts as well as shopping and running errands. The bralette can help improve the shape of a woman’s chest, especially those who normally wear an A, B, or C cup size.

Author Bio: Claire Pearl is a fashionista and petite fashion designer. She has collaborated with various petite lingerie companies to create unique bras for petite women. Furthermore, she loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends and blog about the latest fashion news. She hopes to share some of her experience in this industry and hopefully gain some insight browsing other articles.


  1. Im such a odd person, but i find bra’s to be really pointless when they are fashionable….

  2. I like Balconette Bra the most I have been using this for some time and this bra provides an upward push to my small boobs and they appear more rounded underneath the t-shirt .

  3. Avatar jenny smith says:

    This is indeed great post. My breasts are a bit saggy so which type of bra is suitable for me? I was searching about it on internet and found this article which looks promising. Can you throw some light on it please?

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