Julian Hakes Designs Swarovski Embellished Mojito Sandals


British architect and designer Julian Hakes has released a new collection of Mojito styles in collaboration with Swarovski for Spring/Summer 2015. I was really excited about this as I am both fans of Swarovski and Julian Hakes!

As you probably already know, Julian Hakes’ Mojito sandals are a combination of architectural and fashion design, unique in their genre. They were awarded ‘Drapers footwear designer of the year 2012’ too, which is amazing! Julian is a London-based architect and bridge designer that blends his two passions to create physics-defying, sculptural shoes using a sophisticated 3D laser-scanning technique. More than just avant-garde fashion accessories, these shoes are true design artworks, as you can see!

The shoe design is made from a single strip of durable and stable carbon fiber that wraps around the foot. Because this strip is reminiscent of the lime spiral found in a mojito cocktail, Hakes came up with the name “Mojito.” Hence, the Mojito shoe was born. I have tried these on and they are actually really comfortable and don’t fall off, like you might expect.

For Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Julian Hakes incorporated Swarovski crystal elements into his creations, making his iconic Mojito sandals even more unique! As you can see these come in black and white and have crystals on the back of the shoe as well as across the toe strap. What do you think of these really cool designs? You can shop them online by clicking here.

julian-hakes-swarovski-shoes-black julian-hakes-swarovski-shoes-white

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