Super Sexy Shoes Trends from the Catwalk for Spring

Marilyn Monroe famously stated “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. This should still be every modern girl’s motto, and a rule to live by. You can tell a lot by the quality and style of someone’s shoes, and you don’t want to be caught out wearing the wrong ones this spring. The latest fashion shows have been full of stunning new footwear, so let us see what we can be slipping into as Spring hits.


Michael Kors  - Poesy Flatform Sandals

So what are the right shoes to wear this Spring? In order to stand out from the crowd as a thoroughly stylish and fashionable woman, firstly you need to understand that you don’t need to wear skyscraper heels to nail that look. ‘Flatforms’ are the answer to your prayers and the solution to looking sexy and feeling comfortable at the same time. Michael Kors rocked that look on the catwalk this spring with his strappy, ankle tied flatforms. Natural, woven fabrics have been incorporated into a futuristic looking shoe that you can wear everywhere, from the high street to the nightclub.

Power Pump Stiletto

Lela Rose - Power Pump Stiletto

If you can’t kick off your heels just yet, then you need to know about the trend that recalls the power dressing of the 1980s. Power pumps are the ultimate sexy shoe for spring with high stiletto heels and super-pointed toes. They are essential for when you need to act like a diva on the dance floor, or assert your authority in the office. For added glamour, choose power pumps with gold ankle detailing – Lela Rose combined suede and shiny gold ankle cuffs to achieve this dynamic look on the catwalk. For a great look at the history of the Stiletto see our fellow fashion blog for this super infographic here.

Lace Ups Warrior

Marchese - Lace Ups

Ankles are one of the sexiest features of a woman and wow, do the shoes this Spring pay attention to the ankle and beyond! Lace-up styles are everywhere, and will be one of the hottest trends this year. Make sure your legs are sleek and tanned, and you will be loving this style. It covers the whole spectrum from flats to heels, so don’t be afraid to lace up and embrace that 50 Shades of Grey bondage look or perhaps an Amazonian warrior. Marchesa used gypsy detailing such as black tassels, and Topshop Unique combined patent leather with ribbons, to achieve some of the best examples of this style.


Marissa Webb -Western Influence

Hello Cowgirl! If you love the Western influence with tassels and toecaps, you will adore the trend of Western styling for shoes. Spurs, studs and buckles add to the effect, and this look was seen at Tommy Hilfiger as well as Marissa Webb. The influence affects boots and shoes so don’t be shy and get your cowgirl on as soon as you can this year.

Embellished flats are a key look for spring and it seems that you can’t go over the top with this particular fashion. Flats covered in gold beading, feathers, diamante, lace, and bejewelled uppers – there is no limit to the designers’ imagination at the moment. You can express yourself any way you want with the flats this season, and don’t be afraid to let your own imagination fly. Kate Spade used huge jewels to accentuate her platform beach shoes; so did Christopher Kane with his flip flops.

Block Heels

Proenza Schouler - Block Heels

At the other extreme, we have the sensible block heel to rely on when you need an injection of comfort into your life. Toes can be open or closed, it doesn’t matter, but make sure you combine this look with ultra-fashionable clothes, otherwise there is a risk of looking dowdy and you don’t want that! Christian Siriano used Perspex in his heels to great effect, so try to hunt down those block heels with a difference, where interesting materials have been used to keep the look up-to-date. You don’t have to be square with this look by wearing multi-dimensional heels, and choosing angular lines like those seen at Proenza Schouler.

Whatever style you decide to follow this spring, you can guarantee that your mood will lift and you will be looking forward to the warmer days. Put a spring in your step and don’t look back! You can shop the latest shoe styles online at and

Author Bio: Written by Jayden Wylly a fashion blogger and social media expert from Loves her home in Brighton, Eco living and shoes! Hope’s to connect so say hello.


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