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I’m really excited to share with you this exclusive interview with Ammunition Jewelry on fashion blog, The Fashion Supernova. They have such unique necklaces, made from bullets and crystals, that I was fascinated and captivated by them the moment I saw them! I love that they are charitable as well! Definitely check out the Q&A with them below and click here to head over to their website too!

What inspired you to create Ammunition Jewelry?

We wanted to create something meaningful, something that inspired people to live a purposeful and charitable life…or in our case, a life of ammunition.


Where did the bullets idea come from?

We are both from Texas and come from families with military backgrounds, so we have been around guns our whole life. We have seen the bad rap guns have gotten, so we wanted to shed a new light on the subject, hence our effort to make bullets for good. This is also where the inspiration to donate a portion of each online purchase to Wounded Warrior Project stems from. Guns and bullets have so much power, and we wanted to harness that power into something positive and motivational.


How long did it take you from ideas to actually having a brand?

We originally had the idea four years ago, but didn’t live in the same state so we couldn’t actively pursue it. A few years later, we became roommates and were able to make the idea come to life.


Where do you get your inspiration from for each design? What made you choose crystals etc?

We get inspiration from things we like and have been influenced by. For example, we like sports, so our Wrapped Collegiate Collection is based on team colors. We are best friends and both had those “Best Friends” necklaces when we were younger, so our Charmed BFF necklaces are a throwback to one of our first pieces of jewelry to ever own.

We chose to use crystals because we have always been fascinated by their healing properties. We also feel like they’re a nice compliment to the bullet by balancing the powerful energy it possesses and directs it in a positive direction. We use all different kinds of crystals- clear quartz, black tourmaline, amethyst, aquamarine, turquoise, etc.


Ammunition Jewelry is pretty unique, I love it! What’s your favourite piece or pieces from your collections?

Thank you so much! We feel a strong connection with each piece because we make them all by hand. If we had to choose, Apple loves the Wrapped Camo pieces, and Jayme loves the longer Classic Mini Mag pieces. We both also love the Charmed BFF pieces and the Charmed Initial pieces because they are two of our customizable options. It’s fun to see how each customer puts their own twist on them!


What’s new for you? Do you have any plans for the coming seasons?

We have so many fun things planned for 2015! We are looking into doing a birthstone collection, expanding our Charmed Collection, and a few more surprises along the way!

– The Fashion Supernova

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