Shopping On A Budget & Making The Most Of It


Shopping on a budget can be really hard, especially for those of us who might have expensive taste and love to follow the current fashion trends (hello fashion blog owners!). Saving up money or finding some spare in your monthly budget is a task on its own, but I thought I would share some tips with you on how to make the most of your money when shopping! I definitely follow these rules myself and always make my money stretch further!

Discount Codes

One of the best ways to get your online shopping at an even fairer price is with discount codes! You can find these for so many shops, you only need to check out the huge amount of stores listed in the VoucherBin categories to see that! For example, they have discount codes for some of my favourite stores, including Boux Avenue, Feel Unique, Warehouse, Look Fantastic, Sunglasses Shop and more!

The best thing for me about using discount codes is that you can get your current season items with 10-30% off, depending on how much of a deal that store might be offering you! They also have codes for things like a certain amount of money of a certain spend, 3 for 2 etc, so you can’t really go wrong! That’s one of the benefits of shopping online! I almost never do an online shop without using a discount code! Check this link now to see the full list of discount codes available!


If you want a bigger discount and really want to get more for your money, I definitely suggest waiting for the sales! Now that fashion is even more of a race and trending extremely quickly, sales happen all the time! They have them at the end of season, mid season, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc, so you can guarantee that it wont be long to wait for some of your favourite high street stores to have a sale!

The best thing about sales is that you can get an amazing savings of up to 75% usually, cutting the price down by three quarters! I know when I do sale shopping, I’m always amazed at just how much I’ve managed to buy with such little money! My one tip for this though is act fast! Everyone goes nuts at sale time and you need to get in fast to make sure you get your size! I usually wait up until midnight – 3am so I’m one of the first to shop the sale once it’s live!


My mum swears by coupons! There isn’t a newspaper or magazine she wont buy if it has coupons in it! These are generally best for in store shopping and you can snap up coupons from anything like £5 off your groceries, to free samples of products, discounts of certain products etc. Some of them even double up for a bigger savings and they really do help bring the total of your essentials shopping down! You might want to look up the show Extreme Couponing to get some tips on how the pros do it. It takes a lot of work, but if you buy the right items and get the right coupons, the experts can bring a $800 grocery bill down to zero! Or close to that! How amazing is that?

I hope you found these tips helpful! Happy shopping everyone! Have fun saving money!



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