Which Boyfriend Type Do You Prefer?

The Tinder Test

You may have already seen this study, which I think is really cool, but it’s definitely worth sharing as I found it fascinating. Hen Heaven and Cosmopolitan teamed up to carry out an experiment on a dating app named Tinder. They took the 5 main male stereotypes that stand out above all others in this day and age (and that are also stumbled upon when swiping on Tinder) and put their plan into action. We have the traditional lad’s lad, the preened metrosexual, the brooding rocker, the bulked-up gym buff and of course, the hipster that knew about everything before you did… These are the choices below!


The interesting part about this study was that they used the same guy for each look! Can you tell? His name is Jonjo and he agreed to be their guinea pig for the day, becoming the face of 5 very different Tinder profiles. They kept the profiles live for a 2 week period, letting the ladies (and guys) decide which they liked most! So, the results are below and even though I was a little shocked by some of them, I think the winner is clear!

tinder 2

Gym Buff – 42 Matches

tinder 5

Rockstar – 99 Matches


Hipster – 105 Matches

tinder 3

Lad – 124 Matches

tinder 4

And the winner is: Metrosexual – 241 Matches

So my verdict on this experiment is that I think Gym Buff should be 2nd, but I am glad that Metrosexual won. The Metrosexual type of male is the one I go for myself. In my personal opinion, I think a guy who takes care of himself, looks after his appearance and is tuned into fashion/beauty regimes is definitely going to know how to take care of his girlfriend.

From experience, they are much more attentive and in tune with your own feelings, not to mention they look great since they take great pride in their appearance! They may take a little while longer in the bathroom than most men, but when they look as good as they do, is this really a problem? I think not! I think with the growing trends of The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore, the Metrosexual guy is definitely becoming more popular! I love a guy who takes care of himself and cares how he looks!

Now for the Gym Buff though, I truly do think the only reason he didn’t come 2nd was because Jonjo isn’t actually a Gym Buff. I’m pretty sure if a guy was put there with some nice round biceps and a six pack showing, the ladies wouldn’t turn him away! It may be vain, but just like guys, women love eye candy too! They may think personality wise he would spend too much time at the gym, maybe with other ladies and he might have too much testosterone, so it wouldn’t be a great match for the ladies who love security, but appearance wise, it’s great! Ha ha. I’m not surprised that Rockstar and Hispter didn’t win though, the days of dirty looks and laziness are gone now. As for the Lad, I would have put him third, or fourth actually, as I am not a huge fan of the over boyish behaviour. What are your thoughts on The Tinder Test?

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