Styling 2 Men’s Tailored & Stylish Outfits

street style

There’s one thing that I’ve often wondered and that’s if I was a guy, how would I dress? I generally love colour and bold prints anyway, so I have always thought that I would love to dress in a really stylish, posh, tailored way with some quirk to it. Think bow ties, printed shirts, cuffed jeans or chinos, boat shoes or moccasins, tailored blazers and waistcoats… That kind of style.

The look above was one that I completely fell in love with at the beginning of this year when I saw this guy in a street style snap. He looks absolutely fantastic as I adore the combination of grey, black and burgundy together, but really what brings it together is the fit. Each of his pieces are tailored to perfection and the combination looks impeccable. Same with the very bottom photo of famous Italian fashion blogger, Mario. I love the bow tie, suspenders, hat… All of it!

So this brings me to this post. Crockett and Jones have some of the most beautiful men’s shoes, ranging from brogues, boots and lace up shoes to moccasins, driving shoes, loafers and boat shoes. Most of them are extremely dapper and on point when it comes to fashion, as well as mixing that element of classic tailoring, so I’ve styled two different men’s looks using two pairs of their shoes. I’ve chosen a gorgeous brown loafer and a pair of shiny lace up brown shoes too, one styled more causally and the other a lot smarter. Which look do you like the most?


This outfit is definitely something I would wear if I was a male fashion blogger. I love loafers, cuffed jeans and shirts anyway, so jazzing it up with the printed shirt, checked waistcoat and bee bow tie is definitely what I would do. You need to make sure the jeans are a really skinny fit and the cuff you make at the bottom is loosely rolled, this adds to the easy vibe you want to go for. I also love this colour combination. It’s definitely something I would put on a fashion blog.


Now this look above is something I would wear to work, a meeting, a wedding… anywhere I had the opportunity of wearing a suit, I would wear something like this! You want to make sure the trousers are tailored and hitting at your ankles, the jacket needs to have a really slim fit and the shirt should be nicely hidden beneath the waistcoat, so you only have a pop of burgundy on the chest, complimented nicely with the yellow bee bow tie. I added in glasses for sophistication, whether you need them or not, and a bronze coloured ring, just to give it a little more masculinity. I love this one!

street style

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  1. Those are awesome, id kill to have any and all of those items! OMG! Love the looks Lorna!

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