Fall Hair Accessories

Hair Trends

Fall has arrived, and many young women have broke out their combat boots, oversized sweaters, and scarves. We spend so much time accessorizing our looks, but too often do we forget to accessorize our hair! Discover some of the hottest trends in hair accessories for the 2014 Fall season.

Head Scarves: There have been so many interpretations of the head band, leading up to this year’s trend on head scarves. These hair accessories work perfectly with hundreds of outfits, whether you want to dress comfy and playful or flirty and sophisticated. Head scarves are offered in a variety of patterns and styles, and can be extremely thick, covering the entirety of your head, or very thin, serving the purpose of holding hair in place. You’ll always be fashionable, no matter what style head scarf you choose.


Flowers: Big accessories have become a growing trend, and that remains true with the advent of floral hair accessories. You can find hair flowers in a number of forms, including hair bands, clips, and hair ties. Similar to head scarves, floral hair accessories vary heavily in size and style. Floral hair accessories can add a delicate and feminine touch to almost any look. Popular fall flowers trending now in hair design include faux sunflowers and whimsical flowers constructed of burlap and tulle.

Feathers: Another huge trend we’ve seen in recent years that continue this fall is the use of accent feathers in the hair. Whether they are actual feathers that have been dyed and clipped in to make a statement, decorative feathers that are affixed to a headband, or more sturdy materials cast and plated to resemble feathers, we’re seeing them everywhere in hair.


Hats: Everyone has a bad hair day now and again. We’ve all been there, and dealt with it! On occasion, it’s just easier to cover up the mess with a hat. Beanies continue to be a fashion staple, easy to wear with any outfit. If you’re looking for something timeless, pair a cloche with a wool coat or a wide-brimmed fedora with a duster jacket. Even if you aren’t having a bad hair day, hats are a great way to accessorize your look.

Look amazing this fall by incorporating any one of these accessories into your hair-do.




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