Choosing The Right Jewellery For Summer


Some people think jewellery is multi-seasonal and for absolutely everyone at any point in the year, which some pieces absolutely can be, however, there are quite a lot of jewellery pieces that are seasonal and should be worn for Summer or Winter specifically, due to the weather. For this jewellery blog post, I’m going to focus mainly on jewellery for Summer since we are in the midst of it right now!


One of the main factors when choosing my own pieces is heat. I absolutely hate wearing statement pieces on my fingers and wrists when it’s hot out. Not only do you sweat and cause the metal to turn green against your skin (if the jewellery is cheap), but it can become extremely irritable and make you sweat even more. This is why I choose dainty little rings and very thin bracelets for summer, especially when the heat is unbearable. They don’t cause too much annoyance and they wont give you extra heat either, so choosing something like a thin banded ring, like the ones from George Tarratt, is always a perfect option.


I also make sure my bracelets are the simple pearl beaded type, the braided friendship type or the really thin metal bangles, none of these cause me any trouble when it’s boiling out. The fabric ones especially as they always absorb any moisture, which actually in turn makes you less sweaty. I always recommend wearing your watch a lot looser too so it can move freely up and down your wrist a little bit, this will help keep you cool! Don’t forget to go colourful with your arm candy though! Summer is all about bright neon colours and making things stand out!


Since we are keeping our hands minimal, I find that you can often go for a statement necklace instead, to liven up your look. I don’t find statement necklaces too much of a problem in the Summer, depending on what they are made of, they can actually really make you stand out for the crowd without suffering any consequences. So this is how I usually complete my look! Keeping my hands free and my neck jazzed up! They look perfect with Summer dresses and tank tops, especially if you have an all black look going on and a brightly coloured necklace, you can’t beat a combination like that! What jewellery pieces do you wear in the Summertime?


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