Concealers – 3 Of The Best To Use


Concealer is a beauty essential that can brighten up a tired face, cover up unsightly sunspots, blemishes and take away the appearance of dark under eye shadows. I could simply not apply my make-up without using a concealer. There are so many to choose from, so it can take a while to get that perfect one just for you. They come in a variety of shapes and colours, and I find the best way to help conceal dark circles is to get one that’s one or two shades lighter than your foundation. And, if you are trying to counteract red or dark spots, then you need one that is tinted green or yellow. I personally use it under foundation and again on top, but that is my own preference. There are 2 concealers in particular which I use regularly, the 1st is:


Benefit Fake Up Concealer

Available in Light, Medium and Dark. It hydrates the skin, it’s silky smooth to apply and I love the coverage. It has a hydrating ring around the actual colour in the middle, and can be used throughout the day to not only hydrate the eye area, but to also conceal all you need to hide, without looking dry or cakey.


Mally 24/7 Instant Erase Concealer

This is amazing too… You  get a slim line concealer stick that goes on so silky smooth, then you get the setting powder. It comes in 5 different shades, and the setting powder is in a tube with a mini sponge applicator. I find the setting powder also lightens the under eye area as well as sets the concealer.


RIMMEL LONDON Hide The Blemish Concealer

One of the very 1st concealers I ever tried was this one. Rimmel Hide the Blemish available in 5 shades, and trusted by many. This was always perfect for the teenage spots I had, and for my under eye circles, and the price has always been amazing (£3.99).

As with all concealers I have used or am currently using, you do not need to overload them, I use thm sparingly and gently tap it in to absorb it. I can not leave the house without my concealer in place as it really brightens where I need it too, as well as covers everywhere I need. An absolute must have in any girls make-up bag.

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