5 Cool Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2014

With summer approaching and almost here, you’re probably looking to get a fresh new cut. The heat and activity of summer demand a simple haircut that looks good at the beach, summer festivals, and in the town. Check out these mens haircuts for the latest trends and pictures of 5 cool men’s hairstyles for summer 2014.

Long Hair With Short Back and Sides

hair long on top with short back and sides

Wearing hair long on top with short back and sides gives you comfort and oozes style. The haircut above is a trendy hairstyle that takes little effort to pull it off. What makes this a special haircut is that you don’t need a hair product; it can still look good without one. But to get the best effect, I recommend using a lightweight product like American Crew Fiber, which helps to give some hold and proper definition in your hair, especially if you’ll be going to work this summer.

Low Mohawk

Low Mohawk

When the football super star, David Beckham, started rocking a Mohawk in the early 2000’s, every guy wanted to get one. While the original high Mohawk is already elegant in itself, the low version takes its share of cool too. Think of the low Mohawk as shaving your hair halfway in a quick lane. The buzz of the hair comes up higher on the head, with lengthier locks extending down the back of the head and the tip is usually made taller by applying some paste or putty.

The Quiff

The Quiff

The quiff is one of those hairstyles that’s considered “the best of both worlds”. This elegant hairstyle combines the length of a pompadour on top with the shortness of a ’50s flattop on the sides. To get the perfect quiff hairstyle, you just have to use the right styling products and a pretty decent hairdryer. You can pump up the pompadour with hair product or play it down, whatever suits your taste. But either way you do it, the clipped sides will keep you cool, calm and collected in the stifling summer sun.

Side Part

Side Part

Side part hairstyles may be the right choice for you if you want to look classy, neat and stylish. This hairstyle is trendy for men in 2014 and has long been favored by many men who want to look more elegant and neat. One side of the hair is cut thin and the top is left with volume. I suggest going easy on the grease though; you don’t want to just pile on a bunch of it on your head only to have it drip down your forehead with some sweat as that defeats the purpose of looking cool and neat!

The Undercut

The undercut

I think the undercut is an obvious choice for summer. It’s an easy haircut (similar to a crew cut), and if you have long hair, it comes with an option of styling your hair on top any way that you like. But for men, the undercut isn’t just hair shaved around the sides and back with all or most of the length on top. You can get your own different look by starting the undercut lower and fade it into the skin, or you can get a unique undercut with a cool detail like above with the hair shaved close just above the ear.


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