Celebs Love Pearl Earrings


Pearl jewellery has been popular for centuries, usually being associated with the rich and upper class due to their price tag, however as the years have gone on, more and more are opting to wear pearls on a daily basis. Pearl earrings ooze that sophistication and classiness that so many ladies want to achieve in their looks and they are a great way to really pull an outfit together. I think tying you hair back in a sleek bun and having a pair of pearls in your ears is such a beautiful and classy look, you honestly can’t go wrong with it!

I see pearls a lot on the red carpet and on celebrities in day to day life, so I thought I would do a post showing you how some of them wear theirs! You wont be surprised to know that the celebs that I picked generally are known for having a more mature and sophisticated style anyway, but I think they look stunning!


Young and sophisticated Emma Watson often wears pearls, but I love her younger take on them with a smaller pearl on the front and a larger one at the back of the ear, it creates a 3 dimensional look and really stands out! It’s so unique and beautiful! Plus, they really frame her face and make her look so pretty!


Princess Kate Middleton is another who loves her pearls, but then being royal, would you expect any different? She tends to favour hers in a dropped way, where the pearls dangle loosely and elegantly from her ears. This always elongates her face and makes her look even more beautiful than she already is!


The beautiful Taylor Swift loves to wear her pearl earrings as studs, but often opts for larger pearls so they stand out even more. I’ve noticed that she likes to wear them a little looser as well, so she chooses pearls on a very short drop, so they fall just under her earlobes. I think it’s a cute look.

angelina-jolie-in-pearl-earring-dropForeign Ministers Gather In London For G8 Meeting

The gorgeous Angelina Jolie is also another celeb that favours pearls when it comes to earrings! She’s often in the media for her choice in jewellery, especially when she’s wearing her diamonds and pearls! Angelina prefers hers as bigger studs too, a lot like Taylor Swift. I’ve noticed that she likes to go all out sometimes and pair hear pearl earrings with a pearl necklace to finish the look off!


Gorgeous white, orange and pink pearl earrings from Mesenso.com.

My favourites are definitely the drop pearl earrings for myself as I tend to have a shorter face, which means I need a dropped earring to elongate and look more feminine. I actually don’t own a pair of pearl earrings myself, but I really want those beautiful white ones above! Aren’t they stunning?

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  1. Shannon says:

    You can never ever go wrong with pearl earrings. They are so classic.

  2. lovely post. pearls are so pretty


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