LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 48

This is my forty seventh installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. It’s been a little while since I published one of these posts, but I definitely haven’t forgotten about them! I’m still very much inspired by the outfits on LOOKBOOK! I’ve chosen four women’s outfits here and they each have a feminine and girly theme, although one has a more tougher edge!

The first outfit above is one that I completely fell in love with! I adore deep red and when it’s in a girly skirt like this, mixed with tights, it’s just adorable! I think the knitted sweater really balances it out and the belt gives it a sense of toughness! This entire look is fantastic in my opinion! The second creation is adorable! I’m really into skirts with tights at the moment, but I like the mixture of the embellished shirt and the long coat too, it adds a sense of maturity to the outfit and the hat really tops it off nicely! The third look is one that I thought was simply awesome! I love the washed black dungarees with a black tee. There is something about different shades of black together that just work. Adding the red plaid with the shirt around the waist was a fantastic idea too, it just breaks everything up and adds an injection of colour which was needed! Finally, the fourth outfit, similar to the second, but paired with jeans instead. This is something that I see myself wearing a lot during the autumn and I think it works for her perfectly! The fits and layering here is done to perfection! Which outfit do you like the most as fashion inspiration?

– The Fashion Supernova

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  1. Lookbook is indeed great for inspiration!

  2. Good choice of inspirations.


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