How To Dress Like A Street Style Star



The atmosphere of fashion weeks near and far is as awe-inspiring as the designer threads that guide our eyes down the runway! Gift bags, lush décor, street style stars and the smell of Marc Jacob’s Daisy fill the air! With all the constituents of the most important weeks in fashion, nothing gets photographers and style lovers more excited than the street style setters who make for a great picture! These stylish ladies appear so “unachievably” trendy and tasteful that it’s hard to ever imagining following suit. Where would we start and what do we do? They think-up innovative ways to wear everyday pieces and do it with such confidence and grace. They’re fab! – and you can be too! Follow these simple steps to achieve the look of a fashion week street styler!


Statement Coat

Investing in standout outerwear is the simplest way to achieve street-style status! What better way to grab attention and to turn heads than with a coat that does all the talking. On fashion week streets this year we spotted coats in a variety of prints, textures and colours. Pastel colors and bold prints were plentiful, while classic furs and monochrome hues were also in attendance! Whether you go with a draping trench, or structured tuxedo jacket – you’re well on your way!


Over Accessorize

Street style setters do not shy away from an accessory or two more than the norm. Say bye-bye to the old adage of removing one accessory before leaving the house and go full throttle with accessories galore! This year we’ve seen hats, scarves, sun glasses, bracelets, rings and necklaces of all shapes and sizes. You can use a scarf as a headband, or stack on a couple of rings! Go crazy!


Signature Footwear

Fashion weeks feature footwear as daring as those who walk in them. To achieve street setter status you’ll need to invest in a killer pair of shoes. By killer, we mean standout! This year we’ve seen styles ranging from big bulky platforms to dainty pointy toes with petite cut-outs. You control your shoe destiny!

With these three suggestions you too can get a look that’s street photography worthy!

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