The Jacket Trends For Spring 2014

Bombers, bikers and cropped tailored jackets.

You must have noticed what a crazy vibe biker jackets, especially the ones made of leather or leatherette in black, burgundy, navy or brown, spread around the streets on both sides of the Atlantic. Below are the bloggers wearing their hot biker jackets. It’s definitely a trend that comes around every season, but for spring you should definitely check out some of the feminine pastel coloured leather jackets, they are a great updated take on the trend.

jacket trends

So this is pretty much the same story that we have witnessed since last season, but this story has the much anticipated ‘to be continued’ series covering spring 2014 as well, so this is quite handy. There is no need to chase a biker again, but look out for a quilted bomber or embellished cropped jacket, they can make you look chic and add casual glamour to your look.

Quite a number of designers offered a great choice of these garments for spring and summer in different designs and colours, multicoloured or plain, quilted or embroidered, embellished or sequined, in beautiful patterns and prints. The choice is crazy and it is totally yours!

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Tailored suits in classic black, white, grey and red were introduced literally on every catwalk of all the fashion capitals, thus automatically morphing into an essential Spring/Summer ‘must-have’ trend, though I personally see the tailored element as a ‘must-be’ basic of any collection and mere classics on par with a Chanel bag, CHANEL No.5 perfume or a little black dress.

Having a decent suit in your wardrobe is meant to be a saviour for any life changing situation or circumstance, like a business lunch, office meeting, job interview, business talks, project presentation or delivering business reports in front of the whole department… Having said that, you surely need to keep in mind the difference, which is obviously in place, between the suit by Christian Dior and Armani, hmm, which one will you choose for a job interview (unless it’s not an internship interview at Christian Dior)?

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  1. I’m loving this trend too; a jacket/bomber/tailored blazer always adds that little extra spark to an outfit! The choice is so diverse right now; there’s an entire world of possibilities covering most style preferences!
    Another great article!!! Well done Zhanna!

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