The Coat Trends For Spring 2014

After reading a number of fashion blogs lately, Susie Bubble or Man Repeller in particular, both smart ladies are on a Fashion Week coverage mission. I have got this first and huge impression that almost everyone, living way above the equator line, is pretty much affected by the cold winter. Come on everybody: ‘Hit the road Jack (aka Winter) & don’t you come back no more’. We want Spring in the air!

As we all know the main trend dictator is the colour, therefore it should be a major concern for any fashion designer, stylist, personal shopper, fashionista, blogger etc. According to the trend colour setter – Pantone Corporation, the colour of the year is radiant orchid, therefore the Spring/Summer palette was developed accordingly.


This very soft and subtle, pale and bright array of colours found its reflection on the worlds major catwalks last year, and we already can see a few bits and pieces in the colours above appearing on the shop floors of major high street stores. If you haven’t started your Spring/Summer shopping tour yet, fantastic! I will be covering the top 4 seasonal trends for you to keep in your fashionable mind before heading off to splash your cash.

So, let’s start my guest post series with the coat. It’s suitable for the time somewhere in between the end of Winter versus early Spring. Temperatures can still be too low to go uncovered, so I thought it would be very appropriate to start with the coat trend. If you happened to be at the right time in the right place to see a coat in placid blue or violet hanging on the rail just like that in your size – RUN FOR IT like you have never run in your life! Because this is a quintessential spring hit and thanks to its universal feature it is totally user friendly. Pair it with literally anything and most importantly – the jeans, the most used piece of clothing of all time.


High street retailers are already pulling out Spring stock for the early Spring time, so now is pretty much the time to get your hands on any of these coats. Silhouette and style still remain the same which the loose shape reminding me of the boyfriend coat. It is quite funny, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend coat, top it all up with an oversize biker borrowed from a boyfriend, is that a typical picture of a woman of the 21 century or am I just dramatizing slightly?


I will be covering prints, jackets and tailored suits in parts 2, 3 and 4. Stay tuned!


  1. Loving this coat trend, and oversized looks great with any look. Oh and how I love Man Repeller, Amazing!!!

  2. Outstanding post, loved every word and image!! Coats are my favorite garment piece and I’m always finding excuses to get some more! Zhanna darling, now I’m craving the pink Mango coat and that’s all your fault!!

  3. says:

    love it!!! super nice blog!!!!



  4. Great post & inspirational 🙂


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