Wildfox Fall Winter 2014 Ready To Wear – New York Fashion Week


Another show that I had been eagerly awaiting during New York Fashion Week was the Wildfox Fall Winter 2014 Ready To Wear collection. Kimberley Gordan, the brands creative director, showcased the new seasons styles in a fun and interesting runway show.

The new Wildfox collection was named ‘Sense & Eccentricity‘, inspired by Jane Austen with a play on words. There were lots of English toile prints, countryside designs, florals, lots of denim and even a nod to London with one of the Queen’s guardsman soldiers on a sweater. The essence of Wildfox was not lost though, there were still plenty of ripped up and oversized tees and sweaters, which always have that tougher, grunge edge to them. I think this collection is great and there are so many pieces I would love to own! What do you think of the new Wildfox Fall Winter 2014 collection?

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  1. I liked it a lot, I think it is very funky, young, fresh and diverse. Variety of silhouettes, shapes and forms, colors and textures is in place, which is fantastic when it comes to satisfying very fussy customer. It is the first time I get to hear about this brand, and I quite liked it, I saw lots of pieces that I would be happy to own. My favorite piece is the sweatshirt with a huge swan image across the front. Loved it Zhanna, http://www.stylehenge.com

    • Oh I am glad that you are now knowing about Wildfox! They have been around for a while and are a great casual brand, their clothes are so comfortable!

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