LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 46

Here is my forty sixth LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration post in the series. I have included two ladies looks here and two guys, so there is an equal amount of both. I think each of these outfits are gorgeous and definitely deserve to be included! There’s so much colour and vibrancy as well as structured fits and elegance!

The first look above was one that instantly caught my eye because of the colour scheme. I love how the jumper/sweater matches the flowers in the background. It’s a real eye opener! I think the pairing of it with white was perfect and the Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers just finish it off! The second outfit is one that I absolutely adore, I would wear something like this myself as burgundy is my absolute go to! I think the white and black pieces here go perfectly with the coat and her red hair just sets everything off nicely! The third look is so smart, I couldn’t not include it. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a well tailored suit and bow tie, it’s so sharp and on point! It’s always going to be a timeless classic! Finally, the fourth outfit is really chic. I think the jumper/sweater with the flowers against the black is the perfect touch to go with her red hair. Jeans and studded black flats just round everything off perfectly. It’s definitely a look that I’m a huge fan of! Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

– The Fashion Supernova

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