Blogger Spotlight: Kassandra Brooks from The Haute Blonde

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The next personal style blogger in my Blogger Spotlight series is Kassandra Brooks from the blog The Haute Blonde. Based in California with a passion for travelling and excitement, I loved the idea of catching up with her to see what her interests and passions were! Not to mention her pastel pink hair is gorgeous! Check out the interview below!

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What’s your history in the fashion industry?

The fashion industry has always intrigued me. My dad is a photographer and helped me build my portfolio when I was sixteen and I have been modeling off and on ever since. I was lucky enough to land a steady gig with an online fashion retailer. I worked as their spokes model for five years gaining experience in styling, designing, blogging and YouTube. Shortly after leaving I decided to simultaneously launch my very own online fashion boutique ( and my fashion blog. Fashion is and has been such an important part of my life, I don’t know what I would do without it.

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What made you decide to start your fashion blog?

I was in a transitional period of my life and embracing change. I enjoy trying new things and pushing my comfort zone. I was comfortable making fashion videos for YouTube and thoroughly enjoyed it but I had not one clue how to start a fashion blog. I decided to just go for it and figured that I would learn as I went. If you wait until you have all the answers you’ll never try anything new.

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

I follow hundreds of fashionistas via instagram which provides a vast variety of fashion inspiration on a global scale and just happens to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I’ll admit it, I love instagram. I get my daily inspiration to work hard and to be an overall better person from my loving supportive system of family and friends. I’m pretty picky on who I keep in my inner circle because I believe that you are who you surround yourself with. I choose to surround myself with loyal, honest and positive people. Life is too short for anything less.

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How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is ever evolving. I feel most comfortable in truly feminine fashion but I don’t identify with one particular style. Instead, I like to experiment with fashion, mixing trends and trying new things.

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Do you have some favorite pieces in your closet?

Doesn’t everyone? The first thing that comes to mind are my hot pink patent leather Louis Vuitton ballerina flats. I have literally had those shoes for five years and they are still in style and intact. They are perfect for traveling. I also pretty much live in my Hudson skinny jeans. They are super comfortable and pair perfectly with any type of shoes.

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What one thing can’t you be without?

I seriously cannot leave the house without makeup. I would probably shave my head before giving up makeup.

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– The Fashion Supernova

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