Atelier Versace Spring Summer 2014

Atelier Versace Spring Summer 2014 16

The Atelier Versace Spring Summer 2014 show took place on Sunday 19th January 2014 in Paris. It had the elegance and power of a contemporary goddess! It was simply stunning and striking. I liked every single piece here and could see most of these being worn on the red carpet! I especially adored the jewel tone blues and sky tones in silk!

A juxtaposition of glamour and mystery, with cinched-in poise meeting the fluidity and provocation of Grace Jones. Different ways with draping: sculpted and controlled to highlight the lines of sleek tailoring, or liberated and sensual for fluid silk jersey dresses. Decorative graphic lines are like tattoos on the body, especially when embroidered on invisible tulle. Hoods attached to jackets and dresses add allure and drama. Metallic bugle beads are used for geometric embroideries, while silk jersey is often entirely hand-embroidered with Swarovski crystals. Anatomical dresses in black suede are cut and embellished with jet crystals and tiny chains to profile the contours of the body. Full skirts create elegant volume, made radical in a semi-transparent fabric that’s like liquid glass. Chains of Swarovski crystal are draped to create the bustier of evening dresses, with crystal embroideries emphasing the curves of the body.

“I love to combine the traditions of couture with the daring of contemporary life. This collection has a control and elegance, as well as a provocative attitude, especially from the embellishments that are like tattoos on the skin”. Donatella Versace

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  1. Love that royal purple garment! The color is so vibrant and flows beautifully.

  2. These are so gorgeous! I’m in love with the second icy blue one shoulder dress.. it’s amazing!

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