LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 43

Here is my forty third installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. I have chosen four different looks again, three of them are women’s and one of them is a guys. All of these are perfect for the season of winter and are so much fun!

The first outfit is from Mike and I have always been a fan of his looks. He’s very creative with photoshop and I love how he makes such arty photos. Not only do I like these imaginative photos though, I love the bird print sweater he’s wearing! It goes perfectly with the brown trousers and boots! The second look was one I was drawn to because of the amount of blue, even in the hair. I think it looks really cool and I like how the printed sweater blends in. It’s mystical and delicate in a winter way. I don’t usually post outfits like the third one, but I thought it was genius! I love the grey sweat pants with the coat and boots, it’s like a whole matching outfit in one, but the green bobble on the hat just tops it off! It’s casual made glam in my opinion! Finally, the fourth look is gorgeous! Jewel tones in winter are amazing, especially in emerald tones and I love how she combined the sweater with a dogtooth skirt and a heavily embellished necklace. It’s all so elegant, but in a very statement way. This is definitely a look you would have to double back and see again! Which one do you like and where do you find your own fashion inspiration?

 – The Fashion Supernova

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