Blogger Spotlight: Juicy Guile


I’m doing a brand new feature called Blogger Spotlight, where I will be putting the spotlight on a personal style blogger and doing a little interview with them as well as sharing some of their outfits. To start things off, I got to chat with Jorge Barceló of Juicy Guile. Jorge is from Barcelona in Spain and has a really unique and quirky dress sense. He mixes some statement pieces with other trends and mixes everything up. I’ve not seen another personal style blogger with outfits on his level! Check him out!


– What made you decide to start your fashion blog?

It was such a long time ago… but I suppose I wanted to show my social life, my fashion view, what I loved, etc. Now I have grown up and I take a look to these days and it’s like “What a shame”


– Where do you get your inspiration from?

I don’t know exactly where I get my inspiration, but I think that it’s a summary of all my interests: art, fashion, brands I’m in love with, music, etc.


– How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t have a preset. Sometimes I see how other male fashion bloggers dress and it’s like, well you are good combining prints or colour palettes, but, there’s something new to offer to us? It’s why I try to show different styles but always with my personal touch.


– Do you have some favourite pieces in your closet?

I’m totally in love with shoes, it’s like a sickness. With T-shirts something similar happens, but the most pieces I appreciate in my closet are personal gifts from my grandmother like vintage fur, accessories… I feel more brave when I wear those clothes.


– What one thing can’t you be without?

The only thing I can’t live without is my family and friends. I think that’s essential to realize that material things are not important.


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