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I was recently introduced to Chooset, a Spanish bag company which make really unique and beautiful bags. What’s so unique about these bags? The fact that they have interchangeable panels! I have included a video showing you exactly how they work, but in short, you can zip off the side panels and the front flap and zip on a new design! For example, you can switch out the leopard print panels above for the zebra print panels below and have a brand new looking bag!

There are so many colour combinations and designs to choose from though, that’s what I love about them! I have included some of my favourite designs in this post for you to checkout, but I think you will all fall in love with Chooset just as much as I have! When money is tight, it makes sense to be able to have customizable pieces and a Chooset bag can do that! My favourite from the entire collection though is the brown and giraffe print bag just above, I think the combination is gorgeous and I don’t often see a giraffe print out and about, so it’s definitely pretty! These also come in satchel styles, totes, hobos and more, so there is a style for everyone. I definitely recommend that you check out the video and see what you think for yourself! The zips are actually hidden by poppers and flaps of leather, so it doesn’t look like you can even see where the panels detach. You can also check out their online shop by clicking here. Have any of you tried Chooset before?












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