LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration 40

Here is my fortieth installment of my LOOKBOOK.nu Fashion Inspiration posts. I can’t believe I have made forty of these posts already! The time is going by really quickly. I’ve chosen four different women’s outfits and they all have something in common, that’s the colour black with some white or grey thrown in. Perfect for winter!

The first look above is from one of my favourite fashion bloggers again. I find that Jennifer has amazing style, it’s always so classic, but in a unique way. The tailored coat here and the black heels are the perfect match for the tee and boyfriend jeans. I love mixing casual and smart pieces myself, so this is a great outfit. The second outfit is really vintage looking, but definitely classic. The dog tooth dress with plaid dog tooth print as a skirt, mixed with the long furry collared coat is so chic. I haven’t seen a dress like this before and it’s so refreshing! The third look is more laid back and simple, but I like the details from the long sleeveless leather jacket and necklace. I don’t usually like all black, but because of the different textures, this works well. Finally, the fourth outfit is perfect for the day time and shopping. I think black, white and grey together is always an amazing combination because it works so well. I like the way the coat is worn over the shoulders, which smartens things up a little, but the Converse keep things toned down. Which of these four looks do you like the most? Do they give you fashion inspiration too?

 – The Fashion Supernova

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