10 Stylish Parka Coats For Men

parka schott brown

Schott Dark Khaki Parka With Faux Fur Hood

UPDATE: Some of these parks coats are too popular and have sold out, but check the selection at Topman here and ASOS here as they have new ones!

I made a post yesterday on 10 amazing Parka coats for women, but I couldn’t leave the guys out as I know Parkas are equally as popular (if not more popular) for the men as they are for women! The hardest thing about this post was narrowing my choices down to only 10 as they had some really cool and stylish Parka jackets around!

I’ve chosen everything from the classic brown and khaki coloured Parkas to the more detailed red and grey styles. The one thing they all have in common though is the classic hood with fur to keep you warm. I think everyone should own at least one Parka in their wardrobe! They are so easily thrown on and worn, as long as you pair them with the right clothing, you will look stylish, not sloppy! You can shop these 10 Parka coats by clicking the links under the photos or you can shop the entire collection by clicking here.

parka pull & bear

Pull & Bear Green Parka

parka the north face

The North Face Artigas Parka

parka river island grey

River Island Grey Parka

parka schott black

Schott Parka With Faux Fur Hood

parka schott tan

Schott Beige Parka With Faux Fur Hood

parka bellfield

Bellfield Hooded Parka

parka river island

River Island Parka Jacket

parka schott

Schott Cropped Parka With Faux Fur Hood

parka esprit

Esprit Hooded Parka

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  1. Do you happen to know anymore about the fifth image? As the link to assess is gone and it is no longer on their website. Is it by any chance the Schott Iceberg Parka? The only thing is that in most images the quite dark tan/brown in that image looks really light in most others? Thanks.

    • The whole thing looks a little bit different – it doesn’t look as slim fit and more puffy and even looks like it may be a different material

      • Hi, sorry I don’t know. This jacket was from a few seasons ago now so it’s sold out everywhere online I think. It went from ASOS a long while ago and the name that’s written in this post is the name that ASOS gave the jacket, so I’m not sure if it’s Iceberg or not. I think ASOS probably would have written Iceberg in their text though if it was, but they didn’t. Perhaps it’s a different one? The post is 2 years old so perhaps look for a style similar to that one from 2 years ago? Thanks! Good luck!


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